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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fast Post

Okay, short post before I go vote on my lunch hour....

I had a wonderful dinner last night with Munchkin. I fixed chicken in the crock pot. It was so easy! I took two large thighs (bone-in) and took the skin off. I placed them in the bottom of the 2 quart crock pot and poured about 1/8 of a cup of Ken's Steakhouse Lite Northern Italian with Basil and Romano on top. Then I placed two medium potatoes that I had peeled and chopped on top of the chicken. I poured an other 1/8 cup of the salad dressing on top of that and put the lid on. I cooked it on low from 5:30 AM until 3:30PM. Bumped it up to High for an hour and then turned it off. OMG - It was fab! Just enough for the two of us plus a salad.

While she was here, we checked out her Halloween costume! I love it and hopefully she will send me pictures! She also shared her Amy Brown fairy book with me for more inspiration. She also brought her Western Digital passport over and gave me more pictures than I know what to do with. I have updated my flickr stream, so you will see some of them.

Okay, I had to share this one here as well. This was taken late into the evening of Munchkin's Graduation Party. Yes, it is at "the" house. This gal is MJ and she is one of Munchkin's dearest friends. She is a huge fan of Munchkin's mom. Can you tell? She would so like to sweep me off my feet and claim me all for herself. Thank goodness I have the Ms. Robinson clause in place! Youth, they are always good for you ego!

More later my friends!

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Knittymuggins said...

Mmmmm... your dinner sounds great! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)