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Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, I am one tired woman! I have been working like crazy to have the apartment complex management help me with a few issues. They are working with me but not as fast as I need them too....why you ask?

Since Ike, I have not gotten much sleep with the newest neighbors. The one directly above me insists on waking to techno music at 1:30 AM, cooking breakfast loudly, showering loudly, running the vacuum daily at 2:45 AM, and slamming his door when he leaves for work at 3:15 AM.

Now if this was not enough, the neighbor directly next to my bed room wakes up at 4:00 AM with heavy metal death music. She sings along and her Airedale Terrier puppy "sings" with her. OY! She leaves at 5:00 AM.

The other issue is the the fact that EVERY time it rains, my patio floods and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to the front door without getting soaked. You should see me when I get home. I have to roll up my pants and take off my socks and shoes before I can even attempt to get within three feet of my gate.

The solution, changing apartments. I cannot tell you more for reasons that my loyal followers are all aware of. I am happy with the choice. I am on the end of the unit chosen and should not have noise issues, as I know all of the neighbors that will be around me. They are all hard working people that keep the same hours I do and respect their peace and quiet as well. I hope to have this accomplished by the 15th of November. Keep your fingers crossed!

Okay, the other reason I am tired, I have been watching the World Series. Man this is an emotional roller coaster! Tonight's game is officially suspended due to the weather and it is all tied at 2 each. I will be on pins and needles until they resume.

I made myself a treat tonight. I bought some Cocoa Chocolate Chip Scones mix from Sticky Fingers Bakeries. They are divine! I had also picked up a Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker from Wal-Mart for under $10.00. It looks a lot like this one, as I cannot seem to find the exact one on-line tonight. I will admit that I now need a milk frother for a better cup, but the first time, it was fast and delicious! The scones will be enjoyed in the evenings with a cup of hot tea. I froze half of them so that they do not get stale.

As for knitting, I am almost done with one of the Pay-It-Forward gifts. I cannot show proof of the actual knitting until the gift is mailed and received but I will take pictures for certain. I am also about to cast on for the first baby item for Trouble. I am going to make Saartje"s Bootees with some Cashcotton that I have left over from some knitting gifts from last Christmas.

Okay off to bed now, or I will never get caught up on my sleep....

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Miss Me said...

cocoa chocolate chip scones? yum! yeah - i'm still out here. trying to get caught up on blog reading. could i order a longer day please (with the same number of hours at the office)?