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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedensday Interlude

My friend posted this on her blog and I could not resist answering them myself.

What is one thing you admire about each of your parents?

I admire my father's ability to learn new things daily. He always stressed to us that knowledge was power and that we should learn something new daily. To this day, he is still doing that very thing. He loves computers and electronics and learns new programs on his computer as needed.

I admire my mother's ability to live with my father and not have killed him after almost fifty years. No, really, she is always calm and loving and no matter what he dreams up or does, she can remain that way. She is truly a saint.

Which parts of your home do you like best?

Since I am currently in an apartment and not at the house I have known for the last ten years, I will answer about my new home. I love the WHOLE place. Why? Because it is mine and I am free to move the furniture daily if I want and decorate how I want. I am free to express myself in a way I have never done before. I love the neighbors and the little community we have in our part of the complex. We are a big family unit and act as such.

Which would you prefer and why? To have every stoplight turn green upon your arrival for the rest of your life or to have one week of the best sex any person ever had?

No challenge on this one! One week of the best sex hands down. What could be better than the best sex of one's life? Traffic can go to fiddle sticks compared to the best sex ever....


Anonymous said...

you made me LAUGH! great blog today. "hands down" and "fiddle sticks" ... hmmm, what would freud say? hahahahaha SOAR, BABY, SOAR

Lisa said...

What would Freud say?

Anonymous said...

if i answered, i'd have to bill you....