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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sensory Overload!

WOW! Today was day two of the Texas National Motorcycle Rally. It could not have been a more perfect day for an outdoor event. The weather was perfect and there was a great breeze. I actually got a bit of a sunburn because I didn't reapply sunscreen as often as I should have. Thank goodness I can apply good lotion and avoid peeling.

The venue was amazing today! My "guide" should have ridden the Big Dog today. It would have won a prize in the show. It is dark apple red with flames and is totally decked out in chrome and Maltese Cross accessories. At nine feet long it is quite impressive.

I saw a version of this bike and loved the clean lines that she has. It is about 658 pounds and I should be able to hold her up easily. I also saw numerous versions of this bike. She weighs in at about 725 pounds and my "guide" said that I can easily support her as well.

We also saw a large number of these bikes. They all had custom paint jobs and were drop dead beautiful! They weigh out at 764 pounds. I thought it might be too much for me to support, but apparently not. It would be hard for me to support this one with a passenger, but if I never intended to ride with anyone on back, I could handle her.

We saw a lot of this brand, this brand, this brand, this brand, and more Harley-Davidson models than I could ever list on one evening. I learned about dressed, pegs, walking, rocking, and ape hangers. I saw women riding solo and very comfortable on their bikes. I saw women on choppers as well. I saw old people and young people alike showing off their bikes and life in general.

We saw nitro drag racing motorcycles and other bikes that raced as well. We saw the bike show and got to see the winners of each class up close and personal. The owners of all the bikes we saw were friendly and answered any and all questions that we asked. We saw all kinds of skill contests and some silly ones as well.

We also got to listen to some more amazing music. We loved Bugs Henderson. His drummer was a woman and she literally rocked! We also got to hear the legendary Rick Derringer. The set was amazing! The last two songs were Hang On Sloopy and Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun the last two days have been. I cannot thank my "guide" nearly enough for not only suggesting the event but taking the time to go with me and make sure that I was not only having fun but getting to see and do things that I wanted as well.

In other news, I noticed the Baseball updates....

2008 MLB Playoff Central


vs. vs.
Rays lead 2-0 Red Sox lead 2-0
Game 1: Rays 6, White Sox 4 Game 1: Red Sox 4, Angels 1
Game 2: Rays 6, White Sox 2 Game 2: Red Sox 7, Angels 5
Game 3: Sun. at White Sox Game 3: Sun. at Red Sox
Game 4*: Mon. at White Sox Game 4*: Mon. at Red Sox
Game 5*: Wed. at Rays Game 5*: Wed. at Angels
Full White Sox-Rays coverage Full Red Sox-Angels coverage
* -- if necessary

vs. vs.
Phillies lead 2-1 Dodgers win 3-0
Game 1: Phillies 3, Brewers 1 Game 1: Dodgers 7, Cubs 2
Game 2: Phillies 5, Brewers 2 Game 2: Dodgers 10, Cubs 3
Game 3: Brewers 4, Phillies 1 Game 3: Dodgers 3, Cubs 1
Game 4: Sun. at Brewers Full Dodgers-Cubs coverage
Game 5*: Tues. at Phillies
Full Brewers-Phillies coverage

I also saw where Texas Tech, Texas, West Virginia, Memphis, Tennessee and Ohio State won today.

Tomorrow we have Game Three of the WNBA Playoffs. We also have the Packers versus the Falcons.

Off to bed now...I am coming down from sensory overload and need beauty sleep....

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