"I have never felt that anything really mattered but the satisfaction of knowing that you stood for the things in which you believed and had done the very best you could." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #187

1. I'm going to have lunch with an old co-worker today.

2. Adjectives not many would use to describe me at first glance: adventure and daring.

3. Perhaps today you can make it a point let some one special know how you feel even if you think they should already know.  Say it out loud anyway.

4. SF has a true adventurer’s spirit.

5. Compassion is a wonderful virtue to have.

6. Try something new no matter how difficult.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a little TV with SF and getting to bed early, tomorrow my plans include grilling out and working on the Red Robin and Clementine WIP's and Sunday, I want to swim and enjoy the sun!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Eraser

Happy Birthday Eraser!  You are eight years old today and I love you more now than ever!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, it is indeed Wednesday - AKA Hump Day.  Not including the Friday Fill-Ins posts I have been quiet as of late.  Not intentional I can assure you.  It seems that every time I think about posting, I am either not near the blasted PC or I am in the middle of something else and when I am finished the post has evaporated from my thoughts or slipped off my radar.  Miss Ginger brought up this issue in her blog.

So, what have I been up to that has kept me so preoccupied?  Well, first, I finally finished the Diagonal Granny Afghan.  And I want to emphasize FINISHED!  This was one of the UFO's identified for the Finish-A-Long Contest.  So, I listed four projects and I have completed two of them.  I will be picking up the Red Robin later this week and we'll see if I can get it done before the August 13th deadline.  I hope so but I will not be putting undo stress on myself to get it done.  The object for me was to get the motivation I needed to get some of these older projects finished so that I would fell better about starting some new ones.  Not to mention the boost to the ego one feels when the project is finished!

Not too bad for yarn picked out and purchased in 1983.  She was started in September 1983 and restarted on July 19th.  So, it took me ten days to get her finished.  Not as fast as I had expected but the border was a pain in the ass.  I was finished with the border last night but I had to weave in all the ends (two per row) and that was finished this morning.  She will get a spin in the washing machine later tonight and will most likely end up as a donation to Warm Up Winchester for Amy to get in to a person that needs it.  And trust me, it is SUPER warm.

I finally made it to one of the CLACK meetings.  These gals/ladies are a HOOT.  We meet every Monday at the Panera in Webster (I45 at Bay Area Boulevard) from 6:30 PM until they kick us out or you need to leave.  I took the Clementine Shawlette with me, as I didn't really want to haul the afghan out in public.  Especially for my first appearance.  I was amazed at the diversity.  There were socks in progress and while my preference is making them on two circulars, I was amazed at the number of younger women hooked to their dpn's.  There were some wonderful women that are newer knitters and they were so proud of their work.  It was amazingly refreshing for me, especially since my own daughters have no desire to learn.  And, sadly I could have been the mother to many of the women that were there.  But, I'm okay with that because I know I started hatching them young and will be a very active woman for a long time to come.

Last Friday SF and I went to the first showing of Salt.  Now I will admit that I am not always a huge fan or even a fan of Angelina but I LOVED this film.  The costumes, the action, the plot and the intensity were all spot on.  I may need to see it again, as I fear that I missed details.  I was like that with Gone In Sixty Seconds as well.  I had to see it twice at the cinema and then purchased the DVD.

SF is back on her diet as well.  She had been on it prior to meeting me and was in the maintenance phase when we were dating.  Since I moved in she slacked off a bit and gained back weight.  That was in stark contrast to the pattern I was on when we met.  I lost two more dress sizes after moving in but have since slacked off a bit since the last race.  I too have now added back pounds/inches and have re-focused my workouts to conquer the trouble spots.  I will not go back to the previous size I was.  Mostly because it is not healthy but more importantly I refuse to buy that size ever again.

I also received my Pimp My Queue Swap package from Paula.  Look at the pictures!

Yep!  I was spoiled and so was Zoe.  The cute little bag with the hearts is for her.  I can hardly wait to get it to her.  Bonus, since it is cloth Stephanie can wash it whenever it gets dirty.  The object of this swap was for your spoiler to pick an item from your top ten projects in your Ravelry Queue and supply all the needs to complete it.  That included the pattern and needles.  I have been wanting to make Green Gable for as long as I can remember and I was so happy to see that this was the chosen project.  I have it with me today and will be casting on as soon as I can.  I love the color of the yarn.  It is Caribbean Sea and I think it will look great against tanned skin and make the blue in my eyes even better.  I can't wait to get this one under way and done.

I have also been reading The Beekeeper's Apprentice for the Out of the Box Reading Game on Ravelry.  I can blame/thank Martha for this.  Martha is another wonderful woman that I met via a swap.  She supplied me with these goodies:

The Scavenger Hunt Swap was so much fun.  The yarn for the Clementine was in this package.  That is how long I have wanted to make it.  The breakdown of the contents can be read in this post.  That goes back to Miss Ginger and how the world of blogs touch our lives.  I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting so many wonderful women and men through connections from the Interwebz.  Looking through the Scavenger Hunt Swap blog, I came across this one from Leah.  And I will admit that I have been remiss in reading her blog and not posting comments when I do read a post.  Something I will rectify with my next visit to her blog.

I can also now share these:

They were photographed much better by AHJ on her blog.  Of course, if you are on Ravelry you can get the details here.  If you knit and you knit socks, then you should really check out the RPM pattern.  It is quick to learn and they are a lot of fun with variegated yarns.  I have made them twice with a third pair on the needles.

The last thing on my mind at the moment is Amy's post from yesterday.  I am still working on my Ten Things but I hope to get them up by the end of the week.  I think I will share the list with SF, as I think we watch a little too much TV sometimes.  Read Amy's post and see if you have ten things to add that are different and need to be shared/aired.

One last thing before I get back to real work....tonight I am going out again without SF.  No, there are no problems in paradise.  One of our favorite places is having a wine tasting event again tonight.  They are offering some of my favorites this go-round, so I wanted to go.  SF cannot have any adult beverages during the initial phases of her diet, so told me to go without her and have a good time.  Plus it starts at 5:30 PM and she would never get there before it ended since she doesn't get off work until 5:00 PM and it would take her at least an hour (with no bad weather and no traffic hardships) to get there.  Twist my arm a little harder please.... Seriously, I love the fact that we have so much trust in our relationship that we can both encourage each other to do things like this.  So, I will be taking both the Clementine and The Beekeeper's Apprentice with me to the event.  I doubt that there will be knitting after the tasting begins but it will be there as back up should it become necessary.

I leave you with pictures of Sassy and Eraser, as they have been plotting my demise since I do not share their beauty and majesty with the public enough to suit their egos.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #186

1. I feel satisfied with my life at the moment.

2. Next week I will have the time needed to catch up.

3. Do unto others...you know the rest.  Just sayin' karma is a wonderful thing.

4. Each and every one of us is completely unique.

5. It's hard to know how much you care about some one and not be sure if they feel the same way you do.

6. Do your best and everything else follows suit.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing the Diagonal Granny Afghan, tomorrow my plans include starting something new for me and Sunday, I want to be lazy and not do anything I don't have to do!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jamie Circus Print Baby Blanket

Whew!  I finally finished this one!


Started: 1985
Finished: July 19, 2010

Yarn: Jamie 3 Ply Baby made by Lion Brand Yarns
Skeins Used: 6 (1.5 oz/42.53 grams/170 yards - each) or (9 oz/255.18 grams/1020 yards - total)
Color: 267 Circus Print (lot number 70342.01)
Pattern: My crazy mind's creation

I cast on 250 stitches on US size 5 needles using the long-tail cast on.  I did a simple garter stitch border for ten rows and then switched to 24 stitches each side in garter stitch for a running border and double moss stitch across the remaining 202 stitches.  This took FOREVER!  I realize now why it took so long.  I cast on and worked this on the length and not width., so the simple ten row garter stitch border that should have been the top and bottom was actually the left and right sides and the 24 stitch borders are now the top and bottom.

I love the way it finally turned out.  For whatever reason there is, I have always been drawn to these yarns that create their own patterns within a pattern.  I am not sure of the original recipient, so I will wash it and when it is dry, I will store it until I find a baby on the way that I think deserves such a blanket.  I'm not sure if that will be another grand child or not.

In the interim, that is one UFO off the list posted for the Finish-A-Long Contest.  I have also added the Diagonal Granny Afghan to my Ravelry Project Page and will begin working towards getting it done this week.  The Diagonal Granny Afghan will officially be the oldest UFO I listed that will most likely be completed. And, If it gets finished this week, I should be able to get to the Red Robin.  I wanted to get the two blankets done as soon as possible since they both had less remaining towards completion than the Red Robin.  Keep your fingers or toes crossed but don't hold your breath.  I really would like to have all three completed for the Contest and if possible, be able to pick up the Hot Damn Afghan and get it done by the end of August.  I am trying not to stray but I may have to add something from this "modern" era or at least new in my queue to keep me from going insane.  I'll keep you posted!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #185

1. This is what life does. It lets you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

2. Spraying yourself off with before a romantic evening poolside, yeah appreciate the moment?

3. Upon reflection the chosen hair style may need a few changes to the final product.

4. I have been craving a coney from James Coney Hot Dogs for quite a long time.

5. Later, you wake up and realize that the "To Do" list is way to long for a Friday.

6. I'll follow SF to the far and boundless sea.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing the 1985 Jamie Circus Baby Blanket and laid back evening, tomorrow my plans include a trip to the hair-dresser and visiting with Kathy and Sunday, I want to swim and cook something on the grill!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

As promised, I am trying to get back to the regular weekly posting of these temptations.  This one is all about stuff for me personally.  Not for a room or for the house, for moi!

I am about to admit that I want a piece of technology that I thought I would never own in a million trillion years.  It just wasn't something that I thought I would ever want.  I want an eReader.  I haven't decided if I want the Kindle, the Sony or the Nook.  I know my tech savvy gal-pal Mel will have some comments and I am hoping that she shares them with me.  She is the goddess of all things techie and I need her powers.

You may ask why I find the prospect of owning an eReader so odd.  Let me splain.  No, let me summarize.  I LOVE books.  I love the way they feel in my hands.  I love the way they smell, especially hardbacks.  I love the fact that I can inscribe them for that special occasion.  I treat each of the ones I own as treasures.  Their spines are not broken and in most cases look as if they have never been read, even though several of them have been read over and over again.  I would never dream of loaning or sharing these treasures, as I have no way to guarantee their survival.  But, I recognize that there are books I want to read but not necessarily own forever.  I also know that I can load a lot of them on these devices which makes them perfect for trips and work.  So, I will be researching them and would love to hear everyone's input.  I need positive and negative input so I can make a sound decision.

This is the temptation for this week...I am on a serious search for one of these eReader contraptions.  I just heard the sales pitch for the Nook today, so I will need to go by a Best Buy and see the Sony version and hear the pitch about it as well.  So, if you have one of these newfangled contraptions, please let me know why you chose yours and what you would do if you could do it again, if you don't like what you have now...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Reading Swap Q&A

August Swap Q&A

Are you a knitter, crocheter, or both? - Both but I prefer knitting.
What type of projects are your favorite to knit/crochet? - Shawls/Shawlettes, hats and socks but I am making tanks and top down sweaters for myself this year
What are your favorite types of yarn? Any yarns that you don’t like? - With our humid weather, I prefer yarns with cotton, bamboo, linen or merino.  Of course when I knit for myself I have been known to grab cashmere and silk or yarns with one of these in the mix.  Don't like heavy wool or novelty stuff.
What are your favorite colors? Any colors that you don’t like to work with? - Most favorite color is blue - almost every shade except true baby blue.  I really love Robin's Egg blue at the moment with chocolate or green.  Other than that I love all colors.  I have to watch the oranges, as they tend to make me look pale and dead if they are too close to my face.  Do not care for neons or pastels too much unless the pastels are in a lace weight for a shawl.
What are your favorite types of novels? - Dystopian fiction, historical fiction, epic fantasy (Wheel of Time), pretty much anything.  Non-fiction is okay as long as it is not current politics. Cook books are great!
Who are some of your favorite authors? Favorite series? Favorite titles? - Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time Series), anything by J.R.R. Tolkein, The Odessa File, Animal Farm, and Wind in the Willows.  I also love Katherine Forrest but that is a personal choice.
Are there any books that you’ve been dying to read but haven’t? Or do you have a wish list (e.g., Amazon) you can share? ( You can post a link here.) - Okay, don't laugh.  I have been wanting to read Tipping the Velvet and The Queen's Governess.  Other than that, anything is fair game EXCEPT vampires/gore/Christian fiction/sappy romance.
What are your favorite types of sweets? - Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  But I also love Jelly Belies, Circus Peanuts, Cherry Sours and Orange Slices.  Don't like coconut or nut in my candy.
What are your favorite scents? - Lavender, patchouli, roses and vanilla
What is your living situation? - I live with the most wonderful partner I could have, her two French Bulldogs (Ambre and Frankie) and my two cats (Eraser and Sassy)
Do you have any allergies? - No sugar substitutes (aka artificial sweeteners).  I need real sugar.  Other than that I just can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke on stuff.

Is there anything else that your pal should know? - I'm pretty much an open book, hehe.  If my swap partner needs to know anything that my blog or my Ravelry page doesn't tell them, then please feel free to chat with me.  I love meeting new people!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #184

1. Layers of clouds are what I stare at when I lay on my float in the pool.

2. The new hair style is finally in sight.

3. I'd be willing to bet that this weekend I will finish one of the old UFO's.

4. Sassy hissing and arching her back scares the dog.

5. I'm fond of candles, a hot soak in a bubble bath with a cold glass of wine and snuggle time with my baby.

6. I love my fiber addiction a little too much!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to knitting while we watch Friday Night Lights, tomorrow my plans include knitting and finishing up my ironing (yuk) and Sunday, I want to we all know the answer by now....SWIM!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Finish-A-Long Contest

I was catching up on my friend Knittymuggins' blog when I saw her latest entry.  Well, you know that I had to read all about the details, so I clicked the link and was transported to Knitting Up North.  I was pleased to be able to pick up and start reading about Jess and I realized how much I had missed her old blog since I had gotten the new computer and started the new life.  I first "met" Jess in the "Sock It To Me" KAL in 2007.

So after I was happy to have found her again I started reading the post about the Finish-A-Long.  Here is the actual entry (Jess - I was too lazy to type it myself):

A Contest

It's a Finish-a-Long!
Gather up all of your unfinished projects and let's get them done together.  I want to be able to free up some of my needles.  And let's face it, I want to be able to free up some of the mental capacity that's stuck keeping track of ALL of my unfinished projects.  My goal is to get this done by the time Sitches Midwest rolls around.  That's right, I'm going to Stitches!!
So here's what we're going to do:
  1. Gather up all of your projects and figure out what's reasonable to get done in the next month or so.  I think you'll be surprised at how little there is left to do on some projects.  There's no reason this has to be only knitting.  If you have sewing projects that need to get done or spinning that's be languishing on the bobbins, by all means those count too. 
  2. Send me an email (jposkozim at duluthnews dot com) saying that you want in on this contest and what you will be completing.  OR leave a comment on the blog with your name (user name is fine) and what you will be completing. 
  3. Tell me when you are done. 
  4. Contest starts July 6 and runs until August 13.  All projects must be finished by the 13th to be counted as a prize winner. 
The best part?  We will have prizes!!  I am donating a skein from my stash for the oldest unfinished object that gets completed by August 13th.  Barb from Fabric Works is donating something yarny for the person that gets the most projects completed.  I'd love to give out another skein or 2 for participants in the contest.  If anyone else would like to donate a prize, please email me at the above address and we'll add you to the list of sponsors.

So, after looking over Knittymuggins' entries and her claim that she had the oldest UFO's I knew I had to participate.  I'm older than she is and I have LOTS of old UFO's that really need to be finished so I can use the storage bins for stash and stuff.  So, per Jess' instructions, I have looked over the lingering UFO's and chosen a few and then added one more just because I wanted to see if I could stretch.  They are listed below in no particular order:

  • Red Robin - This was started in 1985 for a friend who knew she was having a baby boy.  As you can see from the notes on the Ravelry entry I have only completed the front piece.  I still have the back, both sleeves and the collar/neck placket plus the bottoms.  It is for a baby, so it should be a fast finish.  The Unger Plantation is easy to work with and I will be sad when I am done, as this yarn is no longer available.
  • Jamie Circus Print Afghan - This too was started in 1985.  I have no notes, so I am at a total loss as to who I was making it for and why on earth I chose a moss stitch on TINY needles.  I have two full skeins plus one half ball and I'll be finished.  This one will be a challenge due to the needle size and the horrid moss stitch over such an expanse.  I will most likely drink HEAVILY when I am done with this one.  Mostly due to the fact that the Moss Stitch will have seriously damaged my mojo. - COMPLETED
  • Diagonal Granny - This one is from the September 1983 issue of Woman's Day Granny Squares and Needlework, page 34.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I started this beauty in 1983 for the same friends that were having the baby boy in 1985 (Red Robin).  They wanted a throw for their living room.  She picked the colors Yellow (butter color), Wine, White, Beige, Mellon and Navy for the border.  I need to add this one to Ravelry.  I am SO close to having this one finished.  Unfortunately, the couple has long since parted ways and I have lost track with the wife.  I doubt that her ex-husband, who graduated from the same high school as me, who I once dated (he was a Marine) and who introduced my ex-husband to me, would want it now even though we still speak occasionally.  I will probably donate it to the local Woman's Shelter. - COMPLETED
  • Bonus Piece - I started a third Hot Damn Afghan while I was still with SWCNLBN.  It is Blue, Medium Blue and Navy.  I am about to the half-way mark.  It is on US Size 32 needles so it goes FAST.  Lucky for me, I love the colors and they fit in perfectly with the decor that SF and I share.  Bonus for me is that SWCNLBN never knew anything about it so it is not an issue for me to make it and keep it since there is no emotional attachment that would linger.  I need to get this one on Ravelry as well.  I think I started it in 2006, so this would be the "youngest" UFO in the contest for me.
There is one other UFO still lingering in the closet.  It is a self-designed cable throw.  I am only about a third of the way with this one and I know that there is NO possible way that I can get it into the contest.  I need to add it to Ravelry as well.  It is actually an item that I started in 1981 when I was pregnant with what would be my second miscarriage.  I think that may be why I never did go back to it.  However, I looked at it and decided that enough time had passed and that it was indeed to lovely to rip.  I want to finish it and place it in the guest room, as the rust color will go beautifully with the Moroccan theme that the room is being transformed with.

So, what do you have lingering that you could finish in this contest?  Think about it and drop Jess a note and join us.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

1 oz vodka (or citrus vodka, if you have it)
1/2 oz Cointreau orange liqueur
3 oz pomegranate juice*
chopped ice
1/4 teaspoon lemon juice, for garnish
lemon slice, for garnish
sugar, for garnish
Wet the rim of the cocktail glass with the lemon juice.
Place sugar in a saucer and dip the rim of the cocktail glass into the saucer, to produce a ring of sugar stuck to the lemon juice as a decorative rim around the glass.
Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker.
Add ice so that the shaker is about a third full (ice plus ingredients).
Shake for 20 seconds.
Strain into a cocktail glass.
Squeeze a couple of drops from the lemon slice into the glass, then garnish the side of the cocktail glass with the slice of lemon.
* You could use cranberry juice in place of the pomegranate juice for a new twist on a 'Cosmopolitan' cocktail - truly scrumptious!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whew, what a Birthday

What a wonderful birthday 2010 was for me.  The celebrations started on Thursday the First when SF brought home a dozen roses.  I was really surprised, as I know how she feels about buying flowers.  That made them all the more special.  She announced that the next four days were, "all about my baby".  I had no idea what was in store.  The weather was horrid, so we went to Carino's and I had the Five Meat Tuscan Pasta.  SF had the Skilletini.  We also ordered two pieces of their new lemon cake to take home.  We came home and changed out of the wet clothes and settled in to watch a movie.  The rest of the day was really laid back due to the rain.

Friday, I had breakfast made to order and after showers we headed to the cinema to watch Knight and Day.  I am not a huge fan of Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz; however, I loved this movie.  The plot had HUGE gaping holes but the action and the comedy were enough to make up for that.  We were still getting rain, so after we were safely in the Tacoma, we headed toward Webster/Clear Lake.  Not knowing what was up, I asked but was quickly reminded that she had some surprises.  Our next stop was Pappasitos.  I had the combination enchiladas and SF had the chicken fajitas.  We had chips and salsa plus an order of special queso.  We also had a Grand Gold Margarita.  In my past I was unable to eat queso or enjoy margaritas.  The doctor thinks that now that I am "free" of the tyranny and stress that those are no longer triggers for migraines.  I am happy!  From there we headed to the next cinema.  We watched The Last Airbender in 3-D.  I liked it and will be looking forward to the next installments.  From there, we headed back down FM 518 towards the house.  We pulled into a DQ and ducked inside.  I ordered a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard and SF ordered a Banana Cream Pie Blizzard.  She asked about the Strawberry Golden Oreo Blizzard Cake and they said that they didn't make cakes but the location in Pearland did.  So, we headed that direction.  We arrived and after a few questions, she ordered an 8" cake with "Happy Birthday Lisa" to be inscribed.  We were advised that it would be ready Saturday after 2:00 PM.  Home and into comfy clothes we watched some TV and the 10:00 PM news due to all the rain we were still having.

Saturday, I was handed my breakfast of choice and again afterward we showered and dressed.  I knew that we were having the birthday dinner that day, as I had requested it.  SF had a few errands to run, so I knitted.  Upon her return, I was handed my card and my gift.  The card was truly the most emotional card I have ever received.  The gift was several tops and a cap from the local Harley shop that I had been wanting for some time.  Sneaky gal had instructed the girls at the shop to put what ever I wanted in the back and she would come later to get them.  A total conspiracy was afoot.  Now to get them all washed and ready to wear.  The raspberry colors will look great with a tan.  When I was finished, we headed to Red Lobster.  I had been craving the Lobster and Bourbon Shrimp and Scallops.  Dinner was wonderful.  We went around 3:00 PM and the place was quiet and we had the section almost all to ourselves.  From there we had to go pick up the cake.  The evening was quiet.  Cake and watching some sports.

Sunday was a pool day.  It was the first whole day without rain.  We took full advantage of it.  We had salads since we had eaten so much bad for you food the three days prior.  After we were done in the pool and showered and dressed.  We went to the HEB for some snacks and another one of those sampler packs of beer.  We had the neighbors over to watch the Freedom Festival on TV, as none of us wanted to brave the mud and heat to watch Pat Green and see the fireworks.  We had adult beverages and snacks while we listened to the music.  The fire works were wonderful.  When the televised ones were over, several of the folks in the surrounding subdivisions were shooting off theirs.  So, we headed outside to watch some more.  Life doesn't get much better.

Monday was a do nothing day.  We slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast and both of us checked email.  We watched a little day time TV but not much.  I was able to start a baby hat for a Girl Scout Merit Badge request from the CLACK knitting group.  It has been a long time since I used double-pointed needles and I was really funny.  SF was cracking up at the faces and the general comments I was muttering until I regained my coordination.  Sad but entirely true.  We did dart over to HEB again for some chicken and a steak to put on the grill.  SF has some secret way she marinates my steak and I LOVE it.  We had a wonderful and quiet evening and 8:00 PM rolls around again ready for us to return to the regular weekly programming.

I for one am glad that I have the membership to LA Fitness.  After this birthday I need to go twice a day but will just work harder and watch the calories for a bit.  We will be watching the weather with close eyes, as more tropical weather is popping up in the Gulf and could be headed our way by Thursday.  We will keep a close eye open and make the proper plans.  Gotta love Hurricane Season.  I promise to get Tuesday Temptations up tomorrow and then get them back on track.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #183

1. When it's quiet I check to see what mischief the pets are up to and then I can resume knitting.
2. We haven't had a rained out weekend in what seems like a month.
3. My heart is 110% in love with SF and I couldn't be more thankful.
4. Birthdays and BBQ, perfect things to celebrate in July.
5. In the town where I was born Elvis and Beale Street still reign.
6. Unconditional Love and Acceptance is something I really love about my significant other/friend.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a quiet dinner at home, tomorrow my plans include "a day all about my baby", so says SF and Sunday, I want to watch the Fireworks and maybe swim if the rain will stop!

Happy Independence Day America and thank you to all the armed forces that have fought to keep us free.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Thanks to Hurricane Alex we have plenty of rain today.  That's okay with me, as we are really far behind in our rainfall for the year and a few days of slow to moderate rain will help all the plants and do a great deal to help with the rainfall totals.  I am also glad that we have been spared with this first storm.  We really do need that nasty spill in the Gulf cleaned up before we get any major storm activity.  If any of you has extra pull with the heavenly powers, please put in a word for us to see what can be done to hold off on the storm activity in the Gulf this year.

Okay, I have my knitting mojo in full swing.  For some unknown reason, this year my knitting seems to revolve more around what I want and not what I want to make for others.  I guess that is good for me but it is something that I have never really done.  In the past, I would make myself one or two items a year and the rest were gifted to others.  Jenny at the Sugar Land Yarn Company told me that she alternates years.  One year she knits for others and the next she knits for herself.  So, I guess this is my year.

On that note, as I was reading The Loopy Ewe blog I noticed that the latest entry was about a challenge.  I know what you are thinking.  Yes I am on a yarn diet and I am supposed to be using my stash; however, I am considering this challenge as my birthday present to myself.  Again, I hear you, "But Lisa, your birthday hasn't even happened yet."  I am aware of that; however, I am realistic enough to know that SF will not be buying my yarn or yarn related items.  She has no interest in that.  She always has a plan and she prides herself on knowing what I want even if I didn't say it aloud.  I love her for that.  I also know that neither of the girls will be getting me knitting goodness.  They told me so.  My parents will most likely send me a check or a Harley gift card.  That means that I can get myself something.  Happy Birthday to me is a good thing and I will be reasonable with the cost.

Here are the challenge details:

The part that brings it all together into one challenge – you must use 1 or more colors from our new Loopy Ewe Solid Series line. I realize that many of you may have already started into something with our new line, because we’ve shipped a lot of it out! Since we just started shipping it about a week ago, you’re welcome to count any project started since then, for this Third Quarter Challenge. A couple of other things about the challenge:

* You have until October 1st to finish (and until October 7th to put your photo up in the Loopy Gallery)
* The Challenge Discount is on the back end of the project this time. For each person who finishes (meaning the project is done and you have added a photo of it to our Loopy Gallery), we’ll give you a 20% discount on the next project of your choice. That’s just a little extra incentive to get it done. (And if you get it done in a month, you can have your discount in a month!)
* As always, we will have great prizes to give out (including the Knitter’s Choice award that you all will vote on, the randomly drawn prize winner, and the Loopy’s Pick winner that the Elves and I will choose.)

A couple of ides pop into mind.  I could do a shawl, a simple one, and graduates the colors from light to dark.  Say pick the greens or the blues and let the yarn flow from one color into the next.  I could pick two or three colors that look pleasing together and knit them up in bands or stripes.  OR, i can make a cardigan and be really creative.  What I am wondering is if any of my bloggy peeps has a pattern that jumps right out and screams more than one color needed.  I think that the fact that the yarn is 100% Superwash Merino makes the project even more appealing for me, as this yarn is perfect for Houston's climate.  So, even if you may consider taking up the challenge yourself....throw me some ideas.

There are 90 colors to choose from, so you can see why I am having such a hard time.  I love almost all of them.  Even the oranges that I normally avoid because the look bad near my face.  and the Saffron color calls to me....wipes away drool.  Okay back to your regularly scheduled program.

ETA: Bonus!  I just got a check from Brazoria County for Jury Duty!  Could be enough for the yarn for the aforementioned challenge.