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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Thanks to Hurricane Alex we have plenty of rain today.  That's okay with me, as we are really far behind in our rainfall for the year and a few days of slow to moderate rain will help all the plants and do a great deal to help with the rainfall totals.  I am also glad that we have been spared with this first storm.  We really do need that nasty spill in the Gulf cleaned up before we get any major storm activity.  If any of you has extra pull with the heavenly powers, please put in a word for us to see what can be done to hold off on the storm activity in the Gulf this year.

Okay, I have my knitting mojo in full swing.  For some unknown reason, this year my knitting seems to revolve more around what I want and not what I want to make for others.  I guess that is good for me but it is something that I have never really done.  In the past, I would make myself one or two items a year and the rest were gifted to others.  Jenny at the Sugar Land Yarn Company told me that she alternates years.  One year she knits for others and the next she knits for herself.  So, I guess this is my year.

On that note, as I was reading The Loopy Ewe blog I noticed that the latest entry was about a challenge.  I know what you are thinking.  Yes I am on a yarn diet and I am supposed to be using my stash; however, I am considering this challenge as my birthday present to myself.  Again, I hear you, "But Lisa, your birthday hasn't even happened yet."  I am aware of that; however, I am realistic enough to know that SF will not be buying my yarn or yarn related items.  She has no interest in that.  She always has a plan and she prides herself on knowing what I want even if I didn't say it aloud.  I love her for that.  I also know that neither of the girls will be getting me knitting goodness.  They told me so.  My parents will most likely send me a check or a Harley gift card.  That means that I can get myself something.  Happy Birthday to me is a good thing and I will be reasonable with the cost.

Here are the challenge details:

The part that brings it all together into one challenge – you must use 1 or more colors from our new Loopy Ewe Solid Series line. I realize that many of you may have already started into something with our new line, because we’ve shipped a lot of it out! Since we just started shipping it about a week ago, you’re welcome to count any project started since then, for this Third Quarter Challenge. A couple of other things about the challenge:

* You have until October 1st to finish (and until October 7th to put your photo up in the Loopy Gallery)
* The Challenge Discount is on the back end of the project this time. For each person who finishes (meaning the project is done and you have added a photo of it to our Loopy Gallery), we’ll give you a 20% discount on the next project of your choice. That’s just a little extra incentive to get it done. (And if you get it done in a month, you can have your discount in a month!)
* As always, we will have great prizes to give out (including the Knitter’s Choice award that you all will vote on, the randomly drawn prize winner, and the Loopy’s Pick winner that the Elves and I will choose.)

A couple of ides pop into mind.  I could do a shawl, a simple one, and graduates the colors from light to dark.  Say pick the greens or the blues and let the yarn flow from one color into the next.  I could pick two or three colors that look pleasing together and knit them up in bands or stripes.  OR, i can make a cardigan and be really creative.  What I am wondering is if any of my bloggy peeps has a pattern that jumps right out and screams more than one color needed.  I think that the fact that the yarn is 100% Superwash Merino makes the project even more appealing for me, as this yarn is perfect for Houston's climate.  So, even if you may consider taking up the challenge yourself....throw me some ideas.

There are 90 colors to choose from, so you can see why I am having such a hard time.  I love almost all of them.  Even the oranges that I normally avoid because the look bad near my face.  and the Saffron color calls to me....wipes away drool.  Okay back to your regularly scheduled program.

ETA: Bonus!  I just got a check from Brazoria County for Jury Duty!  Could be enough for the yarn for the aforementioned challenge.

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