"I have never felt that anything really mattered but the satisfaction of knowing that you stood for the things in which you believed and had done the very best you could." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

As promised, when Adam was not forcing me to drink and cheer for sports teams, I had some shopping interludes.

I am on a clothing kick. I am in the process of rediscovering things that I like and would like to wear. As such, I am working with the boss to redefine casual Friday. I would like to see this as acceptable, but I would tuck the shirt in to look dressier. I like this one too, but I'm not certain that the colors in the jacket will work with my skin tone. I like this one too. The good thing is that I have the jeans and the shirt, so the jackets would be the only expense to pull off all three. I also fell in love with this one as soon as I tried it on. I also saw these at the store but they didn't have my size to try on.

I would so wear this to work as soon as I get my midsection under control. I think that the color rocks and it looks so comfortable. Of course, I have a black leather blazer I could wear to dress it up as well. I am also thinking about how I could wear this with a dressy pair of slacks. Of course, I also think I could make it myself, so that is another dilemma. I also have been looking at this in case I have a special party to attend for New Year's Eve. Who knows, I may be in public dancing again as I was for 2008's ring in. Somehow a black dresses just seem to keep calling to me this year.

This also looks like a great alternative to wear when you don't want to lug a jacket around. I also like this except for the collar/neck. It looks so soft and cozy. Again, I also struggle with wanting to make one with the neck of my choice. I am torn with this one. It is cute, but what will it do for large hips? Any thoughts? The ivory would look so yummy with dark jeans.

Okay, moving on, all you moms that sneak a peak here. I need an opinion. I saw this, and I think that Trouble could use it as a changing table and then as storage for the baby as she grows. What are your opinions? I want to get something that will grow with them instead of the "normal" traditional baby stuff. Also, please send me your opinions for car seats. I think that I want to get that for them as well.

I have also been corrupted by lanoue81. She and I had a wonderful pizza last week. We also bought this at Spec's. It will help us make the perfect Black and Tan's! She has also gotten me hooked on Amazon.com as a huge resource. More on what I have discovered there later!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday

Wow! If you are a sports fan you have had sensory overload as of late!

On a sad note, New York lost to Detroit, so it will be San Antonio versus Detroit. That means that I HAVE to cheer for Becky along with someone else because I don't care for Detroit.

Adam and I are cheering for the Brewers LOUDLY!

LSU won, as did Ohio State. Tennessee was not so fortunate, but it is early yet.

The Pack lost, but nest week is another game!

Hold on to your hats for Tuesday Temptations, because I have been WILD this weekend and I have a lot of things that caught my eye since I was left to entertain myself with the Posse and solo! I have discovered Amazon and a few other sites and I feel like girl/woman gone wild!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Interruption

I normally don't post at this time of the day on a Saturday, but I saw this this morning and it made me sad.

Paul Newman in 2001 (© James Patrick Cooper/Retna)

Screen Legend Paul Newman Dies at 83

Spokeswoman says Oscar-winning superstar icon has succumbed to cancer

I am a huge Newman fan and he was special. I admired the fact that he and Joanne Woodard remained married despite the Hollywood "tradition". They are special and I am happy that they appeared in movies together and shared such fulfilling lives.

On a happy note, my team won last night.

McCarville, Liberty halt Detroit in Game 1


McCarville, Liberty halt Detroit in Game 1

September 26, 2008

McCarville, Liberty halt Detroit in Game 1

NEW YORK 60, DETROIT 56: Former Gopher Janel McCarville had 17 points and Shameka Christon had 11 points and 11 rebounds to help the Liberty hold off the Shock in Friday's Eastern Conference finals opener in New York.

Deanna Nolan scored 11 of her 22 points in the final 3 minutes and Katie Smith had 13 points for the Shock. Nolan had two three-pointers and hit three free throws in the final stretch to keep Detroit close but missed a potential tying three-pointer with about 10 seconds left.

New York's Erin Thorn sealed the win with five points in the final minute. The best-of-three series shifts to Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti for Game 2 on Sunday.


Friday, September 26, 2008


This is the weather for us for the next four days. I can't imagine that it could be any nicer. Warm enough to swim in the day time and cool enough to sit out at night without sweating.

Houston, TX

Clear, 86°
  • Friday
    Clear87° / 61°
  • Saturday
    Clear86° / 61°
  • Sunday
    Clear86° / 61°
  • Monday
    Clear86° / 62°
I will be eating pizza and having beer with lanoue81 tonight to meet her new man Andy. He is the cutest puppy. I'm not sure if she has the NBA channel, but if she does I may have to twist her arm to watch the Shock versus the Liberty so that I can see Janel play.

Saturday I want to ride my bike in the morning to get some exercise. Then, I want to watch as much College Football as I can. There are so many excellent games on. I plan to get some serious knitting done as well.

Sunday, I plan on, of course, the Packer's game and then I want to watch the two WNBA games that are scheduled to be televised on ESPN2. More knitting time!

Having said that, the camera is full of pictures and I will get my act together and get them downloaded from the camera and uploaded to Flickr and Ravelry as well.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend no matter what your plans are!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thought for Thursday

" A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step" - Lao-Tzu (Chinese Philosopher)

Edit @5:33 PM CST - Happy Birthday to my ex-father-in-law. May he have the peace in the after life that he never had during his time here among us. Thank you for all that you taught me while I was a part of your life.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, I know I promised FO pictures, but not in this post. This one will be about some of the most interesting things I have discovered for Halloween.

What porch would be complete with out this? I don't have trees, but these might be fun on my fence any way. And since I have no reason to actually carve a pumpkin, any of these could be fun too. And I might have to put the cats in their cages to use these.

website has some of the oddest things I have ever seen. I love bats, but this is freaky. But I could use a couple of these in my plants on the patio. And, I need this for that special feature.

I love this movie, so this costume would be perfect if I had a party I needed to attend. Of course, with the gangster skeletons in my closet, I could be this too, if I was brave enough.

I would also put this in a yard once I have one. This would be fun as well, but I can't justify the cost yet.

I still need a candy bowl with some spooky flair, but I have not found one that does it yet. I still have to hit up Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

FYI - Detroit has one their series, so Tamika is done for this year. Seattle and LA are on now...so cheer loud for Seattle!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

As Sunday draws to a close

Yes, it is indeed late tonight. I have tomorrow off because our office building still is without power. That is the only reason I am still up at this hour.

I have discovered that I love fried pickles. Not just any fried pickles, but those from Hooters. We had SO much fun watching football there yesterday! I am sorry to report that the Aggies lost, as did Tennessee. I am ecstatic that LSU won as did Ohio State.

Today was a full day as well. I went to The Menil Collection with Adam. It was a wonderful day of culture. We went to several of the buildings associated with the museum. We also walked the grounds and took pictures. I also treated him to a visit to the Hobbit Cafe. It is one of my favorite places. Our waiter was also one of my favorites, and true to form he suggested a wonderful beer for us to try. We had Scrimshaw Pilsner. We both had burgers and the shrimp roll appetizer. We were so stuffed that we couldn't even eat dinner at the Packers game.

I am sad to report that the Packers lost today as did the Texans. But I did see where the Bills won their game. I have to admit that there is nothing like watching football in a sports bar, especially one that is considered the City's Official Packer Bar. There are so many interesting traditions; plus, they have actual beer from Wisconsin that I like. Phil, the bartender, was nice enough the first time I was there to give me samples of them so I could pick one I liked, since I have been told that I am a beer snob. I refuse to drink Budweiser products. I prefer more expensive beers that some places do not carry and sometimes have never heard of. It's not my fault that at my age I have a discriminating palate. What a cool young man! I may just have to break down and get a shirt for number 50, A.J. Hawk.

I can also safely report that all four series of the WNBA are tied at one each. I am still pulling for the New York Liberty, because of Janel McCarville. I also want Indiana to win as well because of Tamika Catchings. I secretly want the Monarchs to win because of Kara Lawson, but some one else wants wants San Antonio to win because of Becky Hammon. Most likely, I will still cheer for the Monarchs just because I can. I want Seattle to win their series because I like to watch Sue Bird play.

I did take pictures of FO's; however, it is late and I do need some beauty sleep. I will down load them from the camera tomorrow and post them as well.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Okay! We have finally made it to Friday! I am still hopeful that all those without power will be serviced before the weekend ends!

I wanted to share a few things this week instead of the Friday Fill-Ins. I received the most amazing thing in the mail Wednesday. Amy (deathbyyarn) sent me a care package. Inside was an envelope with a beautiful card covered with butterflies. The card was filled with four recipe cards. The recipes are all wonderful and many of the ingredients are now on the shopping list. But, Amy did more. She sent me my very first skein of Malabrigo. It is the kettle dyed pure merino wool in the Emerald colorway. I was speechless! I spent an hour on Ravelry trying to decide what to make. I still have no real clues, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE share. I keep fondling it the hopes that it will speak to me; but, alas nothing.

I also uploaded some sneak pictures of the Moroccan canopy in progress. I cannot share all of it until she that cannot be named ALLOWS me to get my things. Too much drama to discuss here! Suffice it to say that the start of the canopy has been delightful. I have a friend that is an architect that has been assisting me with the design. When it is all done, I will show more. This weekend I promise to get the FO's out in the day light and get them posted as well. I also have some after pictures that show the clean up of the complex since Ike's aftermath.

Now, I have a confession. I have made quite a few quality friends (male and female) in the last few months. Many of them are sports enthusiasts. Some of them are aware of what knitting actually is but don't know anyone other than myself that actually knits. I have worn some of my handiwork around them and they have been amazed. However, they have not seen me actually knitting. I was hoping that might change this weekend, but I have had to acquiesce to their pleas.

A few of us are heading to a place (I cannot disclose the location so that she who cannot be named does not show up and ruin my day) to watch some major college football. The first game of major importance to several of us is the University of Tennessee Volunteers versus the Florida Gators. I will admit that I am also going to be following the Ohio State game that starts at Noon EST. The other game that we will be watching closely is the LSU Tigers versus the Auburn Tigers. There are so many games in between and I will be sounding like a night club singer when we leave, but it will be worth it!

They have asked me not to bring knitting to the location because it is not really the kind of place to be seen doing that. Since I am still getting to know many of them in a more social atmosphere, I will be okay. However, once we have decided that we will be watching the games at a private house, I will have knitting in tow! Some of my best knitting takes place while I watch sports on TV!

I now have one last thought. As many of you know, I have been seeing a counselor. She posed this question to me recently and I have been pondering my answer, as I was required to think about it and reply at our next visit. Her question was simple. If, as I evolve and discover myself I find that I am not the person I was before the journey started, would I want to go back to the life I once had. If yes, why and if no, why. I am required to be specific. Such as, if yes, would she who cannot be named need to make any changes personally or will I accept her as she is. If the answer is no, what would the ultimate reason be.

So, my question to each of you is simple. Have you looked in the mirror and seen yourself warts and all? Have you been truly honest with expressing your wants and needs? Does your partner know them? I am starting to understand this exercise and it is an eye-opener. What will my answer be? Because she who cannot be named has spies, I cannot answer here. But, I am confident that I will have no regrets with any of my choices. Why? Because I have looked in that mirror and I love the warts and the stretch marks. I love my dysfunctional family and I love my children.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Avast! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

I can totally blame Emily for this post! She had a post last year and it was so funny. I am not so clever today to talk like a pirate in the actual post, but I have been trying to when I can during the day. Check out this site for more on how you too can celebrate.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday Temptations - On Wednesday

I admit, this week has gotten me a little backwards. I was able to spend some quality time assisting with the local animal shelter bathing dogs yesterday. I think I bathed over 50 on my shift. It was very rewarding but I smelled like wet dog hair for a while and had to take a second shower.....

The cool front that has passed through has the temperatures here lovely. I was able to sit outside with Sassy and George for a while and knit on a secret project that is almost ready to send to a special person. As soon as I know that they have received it, I will post about it.

I must admit that I have a new fondness for this. I was able to make a batch of rice and beans ahead of Ike and it was SO simple. I could never imagine using minute rice or cooking it on the stove top ever again! It has a steamer rack included as well. I have also gotten hooked on this appliance as well. Mine is black and stainless, as are most of the appliances and accessories in the kitchen. I personally think that they look sleeker. I have been making simply amazing smoothies with it and they are all VERY healthy. I found a wonderful recipe in this book.

I will admit that since she who cannot be named has the house and the comforts I am accustomed to, this temptation list contains many of them. I miss the chimenea greatly. I am considering getting one for the patio and I like this one because of the roses on it. Personally, there is nothing as cozy as a fall evening beside one with your knitting. I admit that I also want either of these for it. Of course, I would also settle for this for the patio as well, even though it is not as charming.

And since I am in an apartment, I thought that this would be fun for Halloween, since she who cannot be named will not let me have any of my personal belongings as of yet. I can keep it in the garden year round and I am liking the whole Talavera line of decorations as well. Since I am on a nostalgic twist, I would love to have these for when I have a tree of my own again. I admit, I will most likely by them for my relatives that have trees, because I can. I can also see this and this in my future yard as well. A touch of whimsy could also include this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, or this as well. No garden is ever really complete without this as a guardian.

I was also wanting some general Fall decorations when I saw this. I think that I can find something MUCH cheaper at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but at least I have inspiration. I would; however, LOVE to have this in the apartment. I love lavender and I can only imagine how divine it would smell.

Now that I am going to be a grandmother, I thought that these might be fun. And of course, I would have to get these or these for Christmas.

I also think that I NEED this for the apartment. It is expensive, so I am considering a way that I can make it myself with parts from Home Depot. I am even on a waiting list for a work working class as soon as the recovery from Ike has reached a more tolerable level for everyone affected. I will keep you apprised of my progress on this project.

I am also missing a real bed. A twin size bed is okay for a short period of time; however, a year is another story. I have always wanted a bed like this in the full size, and it may be my present to myself for Christmas. I have an antique bed that was my great-grandmother's but it needs extreme repair that will have to wait until I am more financially able to afford such an endeavor, as the dresser will need to be restored to match as well. I am beginning to see that I need to make sure that I am meeting my needs, and a good night sleep is one of them.

I also have decided that Trouble needs the rocking chair I currently have with me in the apartment. Why, you may ask? Because, she was born on the same day as my great-grandmother Emma. The were born EXACTLY 100 years apart and almost to the same time of day. She feels Emma's presence with the spoon ring I gave her and with the baby coming I think she should have it to use when she feeds the baby and generally comfort the two of them. I have already told her and she cried. I told her I would bring it to her after Christmas so that they can finish the remodeling that they are currently doing before the baby comes.

Okay, enough for this week. Next week will be a post totally about Halloween!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1980 - The Music Meme

Top 100 Hits of 1980

So, here are the rules:

A) Go to musicoutfitters.com
B) Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year
C) Bold the songs you like, change the color of the text for the ones you hate and italicize your favorite(s). Do nothing to the ones you don’t remember (or don’t care about).

1. Call Me, Blondie
2. Another Brick In The Wall, Pink Floyd
3. Magic, Olivia Newton-John
4. Rock With You, Michael Jackson
5. Do That To Me One More Time, Captain and Tennille
6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Queen
7. Coming Up, Paul McCartney
8. Funkytown, Lipps, Inc.
9. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me, Billy Joel
10. The Rose, Bette Midler
11. Escape (The Pina Colada Song), Rupert Holmes
12. Cars, Gary Numan
13. Cruisin', Smokey Robinson
14. Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me Girl, Spinners
15. Lost In Love, Air Supply
16. Little Jeannie, Elton John
17. Ride Like The Wind, Cristopher Cross
18. Upside Down, Diana Ross
19. Please Don't Go, K.C. and The Sunshine Band
20. Babe, Styx
21. With You I'm Born Again, Billy Preston and Syreeta
22. Shining Star, Manhattans
23. Still, Commodores
24. Yes, I'm Ready, Teri De Sario With K.C.
25. Sexy Eyes, Dr. Hook
26. Steal Away, Robbie Dupree
27. Biggest Part Of Me, Ambrosia
28. This Is It, Kenny Loggins
29. Cupid-I've Loved You For A Long Time, Spinners
30. Let's Get Serious, Jermaine Jackson
31. Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer, Kenny Rogers and Kim Carnes
32. Sailing, Christopher Cross
33. Longer, Dan Fogelberg
34. Coward Of The County, Kenny Rogers
35. Ladies Night, Kool and The Gang
36. Take Your Time, S.O.S. Band
37. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer
38. Too Hot, Kool and The Gang
39. More Love, Kim Carnes
40. Pop Muzik, M (makes me shudder just to see it on this list)
41. Brass In Pocket, Pretenders
42. Special Lady, Ray, Goodman and Brown
43. Send One Your Love, Stevie Wonder
44. The Second Time Around, Shalamar
45. We Don't Talk Anymore, Cliff Richard
46. Stomp - Brothers Johnson
47. Heartache Tonight, Eagles
48. Stomp, Brothers Johnson
49. Tired Of Toein' The Line, Rocky Burnette
50. Better Love Next Time, Dr. Hook
51. Him, Rupert Holmes
52. Against The Wind, Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
53. On The Radio, Donna Summer
54. Emotional Rescue, Rolling Stones
55. Rise, Herb Alpert
56. All Out Of Love, Air Supply
57. Cool Change, Little River Band
58. You're Only Lonely, J.D. Souther
59. Desire, Andy Gibb
60. Let My Love Open The Door, Pete Townshend
61. Daydream Believer, Anne Murray
62. I Can't Tell You Why, Eagles
63. Don't Let Go, Isaac Hayes
64. Don't Do Me Like That, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
65. She's Out Of My Life, Michael Jackson
66. Fame, Irene Cara
67. Fire Lake, Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
68. How Do I Make You, Linda Ronstadt
69. Into The Night, Benny Mardones
70. Let Me Love You Tonight, Pure Prairie League
71. Misunderstanding, Genesis
72. An American Dream, Dirt Band
73. One Fine Day, Carole King
74. Dim All The Lights, Donna Summer
75. You May Be Right, Billy Joel
76. Hurt So Bad, Linda Ronstadt
77. Should've Never Let You Go, Neil Sedaka and Dara Sedaka
78. Pilot Of The Airwaves, Charlie Dore
79. Off The Wall, Michael Jackson
80. I Pledge My Love, Peaches and Herb
81. The Long Run, Eagles
82. Stand By Me, Mickey Gilley
83. Heartbreaker, Pat Benatar
84. Deja Vu, Dionne Warwick
85. Drivin' My Life Away, Eddie Rabbitt
86. Take The Long Way Home, Supertramp
87. Sara, Fleetwood Mac
88. Wait For Me, Daryl Hall and John Oates
89. Jo Jo, Boz Scaggs
90. September Morn, Neil Diamond
91. Give Me The Night, George Benson
92. Broken Hearted Me, Anne Murray
93. You Decorated My Life, Kenny Rogers
94. Tusk, Fleetwood Mac
95. I Wanna Be Your Lover, Prince
96. In America, Charlie Daniels Band
97. Breakdown Dead Ahead, Boz Scaggs
98. Ships, Barry Manilow
99. All Night Long, Joe Walsh
100. Refugee, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Monday, September 15, 2008

"God Blessed Texas"

For those of you that are not familiar with Country songs, this is one of this State's favorite songs. It is by a band called Little Texas. If you can listen to the clip on iTunes, please do so just to humor me.

I titled this post that way, because that is how I feel today. The news media is not always the best source of positive or non-sensational news, but I have seen first-hand people helping people yesterday and already today. I would also ask that any of you that can donate blood find a donation center that is shipping to Texas and help if you can.

I can tell you that I have now physically talked to Trouble. She and the future son-in-law are fine. The have no power but they do have water. They know folks that are living in the dorms of the college and the dorms are powered by massive generators. They are in contact with them and are able to get AC and keep their phones charge.

She has also told me that she was able to talk with Munchkin. The house has no power and there is major damage to the neighborhood. The house has no damage that Trouble knows of. I have sent Munchkin a text message and asked her to call me from a land line when she can. I am must more at ease knowing that Trouble has talked with her. When I have heard from her I will post that as well.

I plan on making my way to the SPCA Wednesday to help out. They have received and processed so many lost pets with and without tags or ID's. They need to be assessed by the Vet staff and then they need baths and TLC. I am glad that I have this to keep my mind and heart occupied. I have also been knitting, but helping is what is vital.

I hope that your week goes well and as soon as I physically hear from Munchkin, I will post that!

EDIT @ 2:52 PM CST - I have physically talked with Munchkin. She is fine but tired since they have no power. I have offered to go get her because her truck needs to the starter repaired....what a time for that. She has pictures that she will share with me; however, keep in mind that she who cannot be named will have my hide if I post them.

Now I need to focus my efforts on those that still need our help. I have offered to work at one of the local churches nearby that is a POD (Point of Distribution) for the community.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Day After

Thank you all that posted comments and sent me PM's. I am not certain of the images that are filtering out of Texas to each of you, but I can tell you that you cannot really understand what it is that you are actually viewing if you have never seen the sites before.

I also want to tell all of you that if you can donate anything at all to the recovery, those that are in need (Galveston, Crystal Beach, Bolivar, Kemah, and coastal cities) will be forever in your debt. Having said that, I will also tell you that Texans are a resilient bunch and we will recover and rebuild. We have withstood many a Hurricane and some communities chose not to rebuild but overall we help ourselves recover. We are a strong and proud bunch and because we love this State and the water we have chosen to live near and we will make sure that it is resurrected. I love this State and I will be working volunteer hours at the SPCA and at a local shelter as needed until my office gets power and water returned to it and we are safe to return.

I have heard from Trouble. She and the son-in-law to be are safe. They have no power but they do have water. They want me to come up there, but I have power and some water, and the Elected Officials have pleaded with all of us to stay off the roads unless we have to be out. There are too many supply trucks that cannot get to their destinations due to those drivers that are blocking their paths.

I am still trying to get to Munchkin; however, FEMA has taken over alot of the cell towers and I can only text some people. I have tried to reach old neighbors but I understand that they do not have power which means that Munchkin most likely does not herself. Still pray for her and for she that cannot be named until I post that I have heard from them.

I have heard from a very dear friend that lives in Pearland and she has no power but she and her Frenchies are fine. A neighbor has a generator and they are all sharing food, water, and supplies. She only lost one tree and one section of her fence and the fence has already been repaired. I am thankful that she is okay; however, she has no cell connectivity, so our communications have been limited.

I have also heard from other friends and they are all fine. We are all planning to do what we can to help and hope that those that need us contact us as quickly as possible.

One positive note, I have been knitting and I have also been working on my next novel. Yes, that is why I will be traveling. I have been working on some novels and some will be published. The long hours of waiting allow for the imagination to do it's best work and I am proud of what I have done so far. As soon as I have better information, I will share. I will also try to get as many of the items finished blocked tomorrow and get them on Flickr and Ravelry.

Again, please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers as the media coverage begins to diminish. Just because we are no longer in the news does not mean that we are not in need of your support. I am humbled by the comments and the PM's that I have received. I feel so very fortunate to have been able to share myself and my life with this bloggy world and have friends that are as wonderful as each of you has been. God Speed to those that are not as fortunate!

Eraser, Sassy, Gracie, and George extend their love to each of you and want to thank you for extending your thoughts and prayers to their mama.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike's Aftermath

Okay gang! Guess what? I have power and the babies and I are back in our own place watching college football. I have added pictures to the slide show, but here are some any way.

Initial Damage Assessment at 10AM this morning

Initial Damage Assessment at 10AM this morning

Initial Damage Assessment at 10AM this morning

Initial Damage Assessment at 10AM this morning

The walkway leading to my apartment after the rain ended

Thank all the gods that you can that my part of town was spared. I have not spoken with Trouble or Munchkin, so I am still asking for your prayers for them, as well as all those that will be without power for up to the next two weeks.

I will post more tomorrow, but I will be falling asleep with the babies soon, as no one really slept much last night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fill-In (Pre-Ike Landfall)

Before I get tho the Friday Fill-Ins, I want everyone to know that I will be hunkered down tonight with many of the Apartment Posse in an apartment on the second floor in the middle of our section. It is free of trees and we have the window secured. We will have all of our respective babies with us and they will all just have to live in peace. The best part is that most of the babies are already friends, so we just have to keep the stress levels down. Our cars are all safely in a parking garage on the third floor and will be safe with all the luxury cars that are also there. Cell phones are fully charged and we will keep them charging as long as the power remains.

I have also been cooking. I had food that had not been frozen and needed to be cooked. I fixed two racks of lamb, salmon loaves, baked sweet potatoes, grilled crook-neck squash, rice, artichokes, and some hard boiled eggs. The rest is frozen and we will cook as needed should we loose power for longer than 24 hours. Thank goodness for propane grills!

Friday Fill-Ins

1. I enjoy listening to live music with that some one special and the magic that goes hand in hand with that atmosphere.

2. Why more people don't value their relationships and each other more is something I wonder about often lately.

3. In your heart, you knew I was the one, but somehow it took us this long to find each other.

4. Take living each day one at a time, add a little love, laughter, and good friends and you end up with a relationship that will fulfill all of your wildest expectations.

5. Life has gifted me with talents such as knitting and sewing, and the ability to share them with my friends and family. It has also gifted me with a second chance to become the person that has been hidden away for far too long.

6. A sunny day beside the pool with friends and a cold beverage, is an instant vacation.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to making it through Hurricane Ike! Anything after that is gravy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moment of Silence, and Other Updates

I am quite sure that all of us remember that today is the anniversary of 9/11/2001; however, it never hurts to remind anyone. So before you read on, please take just a moment to remember all of the lost souls as well as their families. And to also remember all of the Armed Forces that have made it their life's work to keep us safe and free. I have taken the politics out of this, so please do not post political views in your comments. You can discuss that with me offline.

I have wonderful news! Trouble is having a GIRL! Yep, the ultrasound was spot on (pardon the pun). The expected due date is still the 7th or 8th of February. I think that they have settled in on Zoe as the first name but I am not 100% certain of the middle name. It has been requested that I avoid utilization of pastel colors when making anything for my new granddaughter. I will acquiesce because I think that I prefer bolder colors myself as well. And, grandma gets to provide the Bringing Baby Home From The Hospital Outfit! Can you tell that I am super excited? I am still not happy that she is making me a grandma yet, but she is grown and able to make her own decisions.

I have also discovered a new singer. her name is Patrice Pike. She is AMAZING! I personally don't mind all of her tattoos, but some might. Her voice is amazing and her songs are simple and powerful. If you visit the link, you can sample some of her songs. I love Beautiful Thing, Rufus, and Unraveled. If you get the opportunity to see her live, you should. Needless to say, my musical appetite is growing and I am totally in love with attending live performances, many which are totally free. The only expense is food and drink, and I can totally control that expense.

Okay, so the Comets have been eliminated from the playoff picture, and with Ike barrelling down of the Gulf Coast I doubt that we will play the Monarchs Friday night. I am sad about not seeing Kara again this season but I want the players to be safe. That means that I will be rooting for the Liberty (that Janel McCarville is soo cute) for the Eastern Conference and I still have to choose between the Seattle Storm and the Sacramento Monarchs for the Western Conference. Why you ask? Because, Seattle has Sue Bird and Yolanda Griffith. They also have a player from the Comets Dynasty Days, Sheryl Swoopes. And the Monarchs have Kara Lawson (Go Lady Vols!) and A'Quonesia Franklin (Gig 'Em Aggies).

Today we are getting ready at work for the storm and Friday we will work remotely. Not that it is a holiday by any stretch of the imagination. I have NOAA queued up and I have been watching all the alerts carefully. I cannot disclose my plans but I have a contingency plan in place. I have also gathered up as much knitting as I can to hunker down. The UFO's are top priority.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

As a result of last week's post and some wonderful advice from a medical professional, I have been making some changes to my wardrobe.

I was treated to some shopping time at New York & Company Saturday. My co-shopper had a coupon for money off a total purchase and I found some new tops. I bought this, this in a pale blue, and another one in black that I cannot find a picture of online. I also got this for work. And a cardigan like this, except the sleeves stop at the elbow and it is a marine blue. Best part, I spent less than $5.00 each for the tops and the sweater and only $10.00 for the dress. I am also glad that these are making a comeback!

I have been looking at these, but I want one that has a better bra built into it. Any suggestions? I want ones that have an actual bra built in and not just that silly piece of fabric with elastic sewn on, because I would want to wear it without needing to wear a bra. I don't want two sets of straps to deal with.

I know that I had boots in the last Temptations, but these are made right here in TX and would look great with a black dress in the Fall!

What I really want to know is how do designers come up with the names for their shoes. Case in point, this name. Do they look like the name fits? Or what about these? Or these? Can some one explain it to me? If that is the best they can come with, perhaps they should just use a numeric system so that they avoid lame names.

Okay gang, survived the Packers game and have a Comets game tonight. Have a great week!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Minute

Okay, yesterday I went with lanoue81 to Yarntopia for Sunday knitting from Noon to 4PM. It was a total hoot. I saw a lot of familiar faces and met some new ones. And I have to share this quote from lanoue81. We were discussing magic loop on circulars versus regular circular knitting versus double-points. She busted out with, "I love them all, I'm bi-sitcksual". OMG, I loved it and wished I had come up with it first. She gets all the credit, but I will continue to use it.

While I was there, I got to fondle some Malabrigo sock yarn that is only available in Canada at the moment. OMG, if I may say so myself, it was orgasmic to say the least and the Violet color was divine. I also got to fondle the Rowan Bamboo Tape. I think that I may just have to "obtain" this yarn to make myself a three-quarter sleeve version of Sahara in this color or this color.

I can say that I will definitely be adding this Sunday gathering to my "to do list" as often as possible this year. The group was comfortable to be with and we all were able to share and learn with each other in a very unpretentious way. If you know where this LYS is located, give them a call to get the calendar so that you can join us one Sunday and see for yourself!

My Sunday was capped off by watching the Colts versus the Bears with Adam. What a hoot football is when you watch with a Cheese Head. I almost had to root for the Bears just because he would never dream of such a thing. I was also treated to dinner. Adam fixed steak, mashed potatoes, and corn. I think it is only fair for keeping me out late Friday and for the rack of lamb that I found really cheap that he has graciously accepted to be the guinea pig when I fix it this week.

Tonight, we are watching the Packers season opener on Monday Night Football. Alas, I cannot disclose where we will be watching, as she who cannot be named has many spies and I do not want ANY surprises. Tuesday, I will post Temptations, but the post may be short as we have another Comets game. Wednesday, I may be attending a private Comets event if my account rep can tell me which players will be there. Thursday, I may actually get some much needed sleep, depending on what Ike has decided to make of himself in the Gulf of Mexico. Friday is the final home game for the Comets. The weekend will be up in the air due to the impending hurricane. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. I know he has to hit some where, I just wish Mother Nature would pick a place on the Gulf Coast that is not so populated....Any one have any special pull in that area? If not, say all the prayers you can.

Okay gang, busting out of work soon. I have been playing with my schedule a bit (legal advice) so that she that cannot be named and her spies cannot keep tabs on me. I cannot tell you the actual schedule...but I hate what we are trying this week.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a Wonderful World

Okay, I must admit that I am not thrilled that the Comets lost the last home game against the LA Sparks, but I can tell you that I got Candace Parker's autograph at the Chalk Talk. It was amazing to be that close to a rookie that has so much talent. Pat Summit should be quite proud of all the players she has added to the WNBA. In the game Saturday, there was Shannon Bobbitt, Sidney Spence, Candace Parker , and Michelle Snow. I already have Michelle's autograph, so I was trying hard to get Shannon and Sidney, but they were not really in the mood to sign autographs on Saturday, and I respect that.

I can tell you that despite the loss, I had a wonderful day Saturday. But Friday was just as much fun! I hung out with part of my posse from the apartments. We had pizza and beer for dinner and then we went to a local bar. I even danced, on a pole, with Alex (a girl). It was a hoot! The dance was because I lost a bet. The dance was the ante. I must admit that dancing with a pole and a hot chic was not the worst loss of a bet, even though I am certainly old enough to be her mother. No worries, I have NO desire to be Mrs. Robinson (The Graduate) and I do not like blonds either (except for Jodie Foster).

Saturday was WONDERFUL. I will not elaborate any further, because I do not know if she who cannot be named still has spies or not. You can email me if you are curious and I will "discuss" it offline. Suffice it to say that I am meeting a lot of very influential women in the community and I may be of future service to some of their business needs.

A personal note, I have been utilizing the recipes from Spark People and I weighed in at 171 Saturday with the personal trainer! I am six pounds shy of my goal (set by my OB/GYN). I am SO excited. I am even comfortable enough at this point to try on that two-piece bathing suit from the Tuesday Temptations with renewed confidence. I feel HOT! Simply Amazing!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. I have a post about today's knitting at a local LYS that I will get posted ASAP, but I need sleep so that I can function at work tomorrow, plus I am going to the season opener on Monday Night Football w/Adam to watch his home team of Greenbay tomorrow. Say special prayers, because I have football Monday, Comets on Tuesday and Wednesday, knitting group on Thursday, and Comets again on Friday. I know that I am too old for this schedule, but it is invigorating just the same and I am feeling more alive daily!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Fill-In

Friday Fill-In

1. If I was to walk into your life, would I welcome you or tell you to fuck off?

2. Catch a bright star and place it in a pendant to wear on my neck.

3. And you can send me yarn! Lots of yarn!

4. I’m very happy with my life and how it’s going but I’m hoping that the waltz moves to a new dance step soon.

5. I’m the innocent bystander/Somehow I got stuck by not remembering that I am just as important as my partner.

6. What’s keeping us apart isn’t selfishness, it’s time to discover ourselves and trust each other.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends in the apartments, tomorrow my plans include errands with a friend, a Comets Chalk Talk, and a Comets Game, and Sunday, I want to knit at a LYS and fix a lamb dinner for Adam and myself. And for the record, Adam is the best guy friend I have ever had and he is like my brother. Any girls that are interested in a 30 year old architect, let me know, because I have high expectations for anyone interested!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wow, is all I can say!

Okay, I realize that blogger will probably show this as a Friday post; however, it is still Thursday in my time zone. I should be in bed, but I can't sleep just yet, so I am getting this on the blog.

Tonight I went to a Season Ticket Appreciation party for the Comets. It was SO much fun. I got autographs from Matee Ajavon, Latasha Byears, Tamecka Dixon, Sequoia Holmes, Shannon "Pee Wee" Johnson, Sancho Lyttle, Mwadi Mabika, Hamchetou Maiga-Ba, Michelle Snow, Coach Karleen Thompson, and Assistant Coach Laurie Byrd.

The players were warm and friendly and they spent a great deal of time visiting with all the fans. Many of them stayed and posed for pictures long after their scheduled appearance time. Sancho was wonderful. I had a good time with Michelle Snow (Go Lady Vols!). Latasha was a surprise. She is soft spoken for such a big gal. She is a warm and funny person. Tamecka has one of the warmest and most genuine smiles for all her fans. Karleen and Laurie were very accessible to the fans and were really hams when cameras came out. I even posed for a picture with Karleen and Laurie with a large group of the people that I have met at the games since I started sitting on my side of the arena.

The venue was good as well. The buffet was very surprising! It was actually healthy if you made good choices and didn't take everything. Yes, there were some fried foods and of course chips and cheese dip. But I had a wonderful salad and fresh fruit. I also had some chicken and a wonderful mini pizza with spinach and mushrooms in it. There was a cash bar also and I understand that draft beer was $3.89 for a 16 oz. glass. I had my share of water, thank you very much. I actually did allow someone to buy me one Cosmo, but I know her and she is not only never going to be my type, she has a wonderful partner. They are trying to get a group of investors together to purchase the Comets.

Okay gang, I am officially hitting the hay so that I will be able to go to work tomorrow.

Thoughts from Thursday

Okay, I started this over my first cup of coffee this morning and have been working on it on paper all day.

I have signed up for a Cooking Around The World class with a group of friends. We got an incredibly cheap fee (Less than $10.00 each) because we got 20 people to sign up. I wish I could post details, but she that cannot be named has spies and I don't need any surprises. I will post the recipes that we learn. I am SO excited. We will be learning Moroccan, India, Thai, Turkish, and one more that I can't recall.

I have also met a personal trainer here in the apartment complex. She has agreed to help me work on getting this frame in kick ass shape in exchange for knitting her an afghan and perhaps a few pair of BMG Footies. I am so excited but a bit nervous at the same time. We are going to tackle those normal problem areas for women my age. I might even be ready for a 5K race by Spring. I would love to be ready for the next Susan Komen event. I am not looking to run a marathon yet, but some day.......just maybe.

A group of us have been discussing going to a Blues Bar or a Piano Bar to celebrate the birthdays from July through September all at one time. I have been trolling the Internet and asking the gang in the apartment for suggestions as well. The list of potential places is growing. I think that the piano bar will win out because there will be more music that will suit a larger group overall.

Finally, an old co-worker has challenged me to a Big Girl Beer Drinking contest with him. Given his heritage, I could be in a lot of trouble! First person to break the seal has to buy the next round. Let's hope my bladder and kidneys cooperate. And, he is willing to go ride on the bike trails near his house with me. There are now over 125 miles of trails in the park we want to go to. I'll keep you posted on both of these events, as I will most certainly have more fun than could be acceptable or legal.

And before I forget, I have a slew of knitting project pictures that I will try very hard to get posted this weekend and get my Ravelry page updated as well. Sunday I will be going to a LYS for Football Knitting. I am so excited. Legal counsel will be in tow, as several people from the office are knitters as well. No shop talk or case talk will be allowed! They have some baby patterns that they want to share and I am excited. I have two projects that need to be finished, so they are going with me since we will be there from Noon to 4PM.

And, before I forget, Happy Birthday to My Ex-Mother-In-Law.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, yes it is Wednesday, but these short weeks can screw with all your plans. On that token, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend.

I can tell you all that Saturday was spent with a friend running errands, hitting one of my favorite places for an appetizer and a beer, and the remainder of the day window shopping for many of the things you are about to see, and then the evening watching as many college football games as we could at a sports bar. I had an absolutely wonderful day. Sunday, I swam and then I was a vegetable. I knitted and watched more sports on TV. Monday, I was just insane. I took my bike to a local public park. This is a map of the park. I road the entire park. It took me about three hours but it felt great. When I got home, I took a cool shower and a nap. I spent the rest of the day hydrating and then had one of the daughters over for dinner.

Okay, now on to the Temptations.

I have no use for this at the present moment, but it was breathtaking in a print that was only available at the store. The solids are all beautiful in their own right, but my favorite is P85 - Sugar Violet. I also liked this, but I'm not sure that it would look the same on me because of my hips. I also thought that this would be a cute outfit to lounge around in since it is so humid here. And I saw this on sale and if I had been alone I might have tried it on too see how it looked.

I fell in love with this for jeans in the fall and can add a sweater to make it roll into our milder part of winter. This was really cute too, but I'm not sure if I was comfortable in the print. This was stunning when I tried it on, but I refuse to pay that much for it yet. I also tried this on, and if was just a tad longer, I would have owned it. It was a perfect fit. I also tried on these and these just because I love the name of the style. Still can't decide on which color but I may just need both. I also tried these on and as soon as I can locate my size in town, I will need them for casual Friday's so I can go dancing after work without going home if I want to.

Looking at all the jeans made me think about boots. While I have a two pair of cute ankle boots, I need some serious ones to ride on the chopper and to wear in the winter. I started looking online and I ran across these, these, these, these, these, these, these for the heck of it, and maybe these.

One of my favorite stops was Bath & Body Works. I was treated to this and I am in love with the way it smells. I am very upset that they are discontinuing this however, and I could not find any in town this weekend. I also got this, this, this, and this. Because their buy three get two free sale is always a plus. I also found this one interesting but did not get it yet.

The last place we ventured to shop/browse was Origins. I am absolutely smitten by this entire line of products. And anything with lavender and vanilla cannot be bad, right?! The name of this one had us giggling like school girls. The store had some amazing herbal teas and some wonderful tea sets as well.

Okay gang! After an eventful Comets game, we'll leave the drama of that for another post, and a long day today, I am ending this with an old quote from a very dear friend. I am certain that many of you know exactly how the sentiment feels, even if it has only been once in your lives.

"I hold it true, whatever befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; 'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Lord Alfred Tennyson