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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday Temptations - On Wednesday

I admit, this week has gotten me a little backwards. I was able to spend some quality time assisting with the local animal shelter bathing dogs yesterday. I think I bathed over 50 on my shift. It was very rewarding but I smelled like wet dog hair for a while and had to take a second shower.....

The cool front that has passed through has the temperatures here lovely. I was able to sit outside with Sassy and George for a while and knit on a secret project that is almost ready to send to a special person. As soon as I know that they have received it, I will post about it.

I must admit that I have a new fondness for this. I was able to make a batch of rice and beans ahead of Ike and it was SO simple. I could never imagine using minute rice or cooking it on the stove top ever again! It has a steamer rack included as well. I have also gotten hooked on this appliance as well. Mine is black and stainless, as are most of the appliances and accessories in the kitchen. I personally think that they look sleeker. I have been making simply amazing smoothies with it and they are all VERY healthy. I found a wonderful recipe in this book.

I will admit that since she who cannot be named has the house and the comforts I am accustomed to, this temptation list contains many of them. I miss the chimenea greatly. I am considering getting one for the patio and I like this one because of the roses on it. Personally, there is nothing as cozy as a fall evening beside one with your knitting. I admit that I also want either of these for it. Of course, I would also settle for this for the patio as well, even though it is not as charming.

And since I am in an apartment, I thought that this would be fun for Halloween, since she who cannot be named will not let me have any of my personal belongings as of yet. I can keep it in the garden year round and I am liking the whole Talavera line of decorations as well. Since I am on a nostalgic twist, I would love to have these for when I have a tree of my own again. I admit, I will most likely by them for my relatives that have trees, because I can. I can also see this and this in my future yard as well. A touch of whimsy could also include this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, or this as well. No garden is ever really complete without this as a guardian.

I was also wanting some general Fall decorations when I saw this. I think that I can find something MUCH cheaper at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but at least I have inspiration. I would; however, LOVE to have this in the apartment. I love lavender and I can only imagine how divine it would smell.

Now that I am going to be a grandmother, I thought that these might be fun. And of course, I would have to get these or these for Christmas.

I also think that I NEED this for the apartment. It is expensive, so I am considering a way that I can make it myself with parts from Home Depot. I am even on a waiting list for a work working class as soon as the recovery from Ike has reached a more tolerable level for everyone affected. I will keep you apprised of my progress on this project.

I am also missing a real bed. A twin size bed is okay for a short period of time; however, a year is another story. I have always wanted a bed like this in the full size, and it may be my present to myself for Christmas. I have an antique bed that was my great-grandmother's but it needs extreme repair that will have to wait until I am more financially able to afford such an endeavor, as the dresser will need to be restored to match as well. I am beginning to see that I need to make sure that I am meeting my needs, and a good night sleep is one of them.

I also have decided that Trouble needs the rocking chair I currently have with me in the apartment. Why, you may ask? Because, she was born on the same day as my great-grandmother Emma. The were born EXACTLY 100 years apart and almost to the same time of day. She feels Emma's presence with the spoon ring I gave her and with the baby coming I think she should have it to use when she feeds the baby and generally comfort the two of them. I have already told her and she cried. I told her I would bring it to her after Christmas so that they can finish the remodeling that they are currently doing before the baby comes.

Okay, enough for this week. Next week will be a post totally about Halloween!

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