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Sunday, September 21, 2008

As Sunday draws to a close

Yes, it is indeed late tonight. I have tomorrow off because our office building still is without power. That is the only reason I am still up at this hour.

I have discovered that I love fried pickles. Not just any fried pickles, but those from Hooters. We had SO much fun watching football there yesterday! I am sorry to report that the Aggies lost, as did Tennessee. I am ecstatic that LSU won as did Ohio State.

Today was a full day as well. I went to The Menil Collection with Adam. It was a wonderful day of culture. We went to several of the buildings associated with the museum. We also walked the grounds and took pictures. I also treated him to a visit to the Hobbit Cafe. It is one of my favorite places. Our waiter was also one of my favorites, and true to form he suggested a wonderful beer for us to try. We had Scrimshaw Pilsner. We both had burgers and the shrimp roll appetizer. We were so stuffed that we couldn't even eat dinner at the Packers game.

I am sad to report that the Packers lost today as did the Texans. But I did see where the Bills won their game. I have to admit that there is nothing like watching football in a sports bar, especially one that is considered the City's Official Packer Bar. There are so many interesting traditions; plus, they have actual beer from Wisconsin that I like. Phil, the bartender, was nice enough the first time I was there to give me samples of them so I could pick one I liked, since I have been told that I am a beer snob. I refuse to drink Budweiser products. I prefer more expensive beers that some places do not carry and sometimes have never heard of. It's not my fault that at my age I have a discriminating palate. What a cool young man! I may just have to break down and get a shirt for number 50, A.J. Hawk.

I can also safely report that all four series of the WNBA are tied at one each. I am still pulling for the New York Liberty, because of Janel McCarville. I also want Indiana to win as well because of Tamika Catchings. I secretly want the Monarchs to win because of Kara Lawson, but some one else wants wants San Antonio to win because of Becky Hammon. Most likely, I will still cheer for the Monarchs just because I can. I want Seattle to win their series because I like to watch Sue Bird play.

I did take pictures of FO's; however, it is late and I do need some beauty sleep. I will down load them from the camera tomorrow and post them as well.

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