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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

As a result of last week's post and some wonderful advice from a medical professional, I have been making some changes to my wardrobe.

I was treated to some shopping time at New York & Company Saturday. My co-shopper had a coupon for money off a total purchase and I found some new tops. I bought this, this in a pale blue, and another one in black that I cannot find a picture of online. I also got this for work. And a cardigan like this, except the sleeves stop at the elbow and it is a marine blue. Best part, I spent less than $5.00 each for the tops and the sweater and only $10.00 for the dress. I am also glad that these are making a comeback!

I have been looking at these, but I want one that has a better bra built into it. Any suggestions? I want ones that have an actual bra built in and not just that silly piece of fabric with elastic sewn on, because I would want to wear it without needing to wear a bra. I don't want two sets of straps to deal with.

I know that I had boots in the last Temptations, but these are made right here in TX and would look great with a black dress in the Fall!

What I really want to know is how do designers come up with the names for their shoes. Case in point, this name. Do they look like the name fits? Or what about these? Or these? Can some one explain it to me? If that is the best they can come with, perhaps they should just use a numeric system so that they avoid lame names.

Okay gang, survived the Packers game and have a Comets game tonight. Have a great week!


Miss Me said...

so those boots are great - but $900??? and i thought that my $200+ boulet boots (canadian made!) were expensive when i bought them many years ago.

Jeanie said...

Hey Lisa! I've been meaning to email you to than you for the beautiful yarn but have been remiss in doing so.... I'm so sorry! I would LOVE to get together with you, just let me know when and where!