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Friday, September 26, 2008


This is the weather for us for the next four days. I can't imagine that it could be any nicer. Warm enough to swim in the day time and cool enough to sit out at night without sweating.

Houston, TX

Clear, 86°
  • Friday
    Clear87° / 61°
  • Saturday
    Clear86° / 61°
  • Sunday
    Clear86° / 61°
  • Monday
    Clear86° / 62°
I will be eating pizza and having beer with lanoue81 tonight to meet her new man Andy. He is the cutest puppy. I'm not sure if she has the NBA channel, but if she does I may have to twist her arm to watch the Shock versus the Liberty so that I can see Janel play.

Saturday I want to ride my bike in the morning to get some exercise. Then, I want to watch as much College Football as I can. There are so many excellent games on. I plan to get some serious knitting done as well.

Sunday, I plan on, of course, the Packer's game and then I want to watch the two WNBA games that are scheduled to be televised on ESPN2. More knitting time!

Having said that, the camera is full of pictures and I will get my act together and get them downloaded from the camera and uploaded to Flickr and Ravelry as well.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend no matter what your plans are!

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