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Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday

Wow! If you are a sports fan you have had sensory overload as of late!

On a sad note, New York lost to Detroit, so it will be San Antonio versus Detroit. That means that I HAVE to cheer for Becky along with someone else because I don't care for Detroit.

Adam and I are cheering for the Brewers LOUDLY!

LSU won, as did Ohio State. Tennessee was not so fortunate, but it is early yet.

The Pack lost, but nest week is another game!

Hold on to your hats for Tuesday Temptations, because I have been WILD this weekend and I have a lot of things that caught my eye since I was left to entertain myself with the Posse and solo! I have discovered Amazon and a few other sites and I feel like girl/woman gone wild!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you? I have sent you few emails but I haven't heard from you at all, I wonder if you have changed your email address. Get in touch if you want, it will be good to catch up.