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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wow, is all I can say!

Okay, I realize that blogger will probably show this as a Friday post; however, it is still Thursday in my time zone. I should be in bed, but I can't sleep just yet, so I am getting this on the blog.

Tonight I went to a Season Ticket Appreciation party for the Comets. It was SO much fun. I got autographs from Matee Ajavon, Latasha Byears, Tamecka Dixon, Sequoia Holmes, Shannon "Pee Wee" Johnson, Sancho Lyttle, Mwadi Mabika, Hamchetou Maiga-Ba, Michelle Snow, Coach Karleen Thompson, and Assistant Coach Laurie Byrd.

The players were warm and friendly and they spent a great deal of time visiting with all the fans. Many of them stayed and posed for pictures long after their scheduled appearance time. Sancho was wonderful. I had a good time with Michelle Snow (Go Lady Vols!). Latasha was a surprise. She is soft spoken for such a big gal. She is a warm and funny person. Tamecka has one of the warmest and most genuine smiles for all her fans. Karleen and Laurie were very accessible to the fans and were really hams when cameras came out. I even posed for a picture with Karleen and Laurie with a large group of the people that I have met at the games since I started sitting on my side of the arena.

The venue was good as well. The buffet was very surprising! It was actually healthy if you made good choices and didn't take everything. Yes, there were some fried foods and of course chips and cheese dip. But I had a wonderful salad and fresh fruit. I also had some chicken and a wonderful mini pizza with spinach and mushrooms in it. There was a cash bar also and I understand that draft beer was $3.89 for a 16 oz. glass. I had my share of water, thank you very much. I actually did allow someone to buy me one Cosmo, but I know her and she is not only never going to be my type, she has a wonderful partner. They are trying to get a group of investors together to purchase the Comets.

Okay gang, I am officially hitting the hay so that I will be able to go to work tomorrow.

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