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Monday, September 15, 2008

"God Blessed Texas"

For those of you that are not familiar with Country songs, this is one of this State's favorite songs. It is by a band called Little Texas. If you can listen to the clip on iTunes, please do so just to humor me.

I titled this post that way, because that is how I feel today. The news media is not always the best source of positive or non-sensational news, but I have seen first-hand people helping people yesterday and already today. I would also ask that any of you that can donate blood find a donation center that is shipping to Texas and help if you can.

I can tell you that I have now physically talked to Trouble. She and the future son-in-law are fine. The have no power but they do have water. They know folks that are living in the dorms of the college and the dorms are powered by massive generators. They are in contact with them and are able to get AC and keep their phones charge.

She has also told me that she was able to talk with Munchkin. The house has no power and there is major damage to the neighborhood. The house has no damage that Trouble knows of. I have sent Munchkin a text message and asked her to call me from a land line when she can. I am must more at ease knowing that Trouble has talked with her. When I have heard from her I will post that as well.

I plan on making my way to the SPCA Wednesday to help out. They have received and processed so many lost pets with and without tags or ID's. They need to be assessed by the Vet staff and then they need baths and TLC. I am glad that I have this to keep my mind and heart occupied. I have also been knitting, but helping is what is vital.

I hope that your week goes well and as soon as I physically hear from Munchkin, I will post that!

EDIT @ 2:52 PM CST - I have physically talked with Munchkin. She is fine but tired since they have no power. I have offered to go get her because her truck needs to the starter repaired....what a time for that. She has pictures that she will share with me; however, keep in mind that she who cannot be named will have my hide if I post them.

Now I need to focus my efforts on those that still need our help. I have offered to work at one of the local churches nearby that is a POD (Point of Distribution) for the community.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!

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Lorette said...

I'm so glad to hear that you and your girls are fine. Good for you for helping the SPCA. I don't think many people think about the zillions of pets affected by things like this.