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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

As promised, when Adam was not forcing me to drink and cheer for sports teams, I had some shopping interludes.

I am on a clothing kick. I am in the process of rediscovering things that I like and would like to wear. As such, I am working with the boss to redefine casual Friday. I would like to see this as acceptable, but I would tuck the shirt in to look dressier. I like this one too, but I'm not certain that the colors in the jacket will work with my skin tone. I like this one too. The good thing is that I have the jeans and the shirt, so the jackets would be the only expense to pull off all three. I also fell in love with this one as soon as I tried it on. I also saw these at the store but they didn't have my size to try on.

I would so wear this to work as soon as I get my midsection under control. I think that the color rocks and it looks so comfortable. Of course, I have a black leather blazer I could wear to dress it up as well. I am also thinking about how I could wear this with a dressy pair of slacks. Of course, I also think I could make it myself, so that is another dilemma. I also have been looking at this in case I have a special party to attend for New Year's Eve. Who knows, I may be in public dancing again as I was for 2008's ring in. Somehow a black dresses just seem to keep calling to me this year.

This also looks like a great alternative to wear when you don't want to lug a jacket around. I also like this except for the collar/neck. It looks so soft and cozy. Again, I also struggle with wanting to make one with the neck of my choice. I am torn with this one. It is cute, but what will it do for large hips? Any thoughts? The ivory would look so yummy with dark jeans.

Okay, moving on, all you moms that sneak a peak here. I need an opinion. I saw this, and I think that Trouble could use it as a changing table and then as storage for the baby as she grows. What are your opinions? I want to get something that will grow with them instead of the "normal" traditional baby stuff. Also, please send me your opinions for car seats. I think that I want to get that for them as well.

I have also been corrupted by lanoue81. She and I had a wonderful pizza last week. We also bought this at Spec's. It will help us make the perfect Black and Tan's! She has also gotten me hooked on Amazon.com as a huge resource. More on what I have discovered there later!

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Jessica said...

Not my fault...blame Andy. Isn't that why we have pets? Also note you can buy Numi tea on Amazon as well. (evil laugh)