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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, I know I promised FO pictures, but not in this post. This one will be about some of the most interesting things I have discovered for Halloween.

What porch would be complete with out this? I don't have trees, but these might be fun on my fence any way. And since I have no reason to actually carve a pumpkin, any of these could be fun too. And I might have to put the cats in their cages to use these.

website has some of the oddest things I have ever seen. I love bats, but this is freaky. But I could use a couple of these in my plants on the patio. And, I need this for that special feature.

I love this movie, so this costume would be perfect if I had a party I needed to attend. Of course, with the gangster skeletons in my closet, I could be this too, if I was brave enough.

I would also put this in a yard once I have one. This would be fun as well, but I can't justify the cost yet.

I still need a candy bowl with some spooky flair, but I have not found one that does it yet. I still have to hit up Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

FYI - Detroit has one their series, so Tamika is done for this year. Seattle and LA are on now...so cheer loud for Seattle!

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