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Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a Wonderful World

Okay, I must admit that I am not thrilled that the Comets lost the last home game against the LA Sparks, but I can tell you that I got Candace Parker's autograph at the Chalk Talk. It was amazing to be that close to a rookie that has so much talent. Pat Summit should be quite proud of all the players she has added to the WNBA. In the game Saturday, there was Shannon Bobbitt, Sidney Spence, Candace Parker , and Michelle Snow. I already have Michelle's autograph, so I was trying hard to get Shannon and Sidney, but they were not really in the mood to sign autographs on Saturday, and I respect that.

I can tell you that despite the loss, I had a wonderful day Saturday. But Friday was just as much fun! I hung out with part of my posse from the apartments. We had pizza and beer for dinner and then we went to a local bar. I even danced, on a pole, with Alex (a girl). It was a hoot! The dance was because I lost a bet. The dance was the ante. I must admit that dancing with a pole and a hot chic was not the worst loss of a bet, even though I am certainly old enough to be her mother. No worries, I have NO desire to be Mrs. Robinson (The Graduate) and I do not like blonds either (except for Jodie Foster).

Saturday was WONDERFUL. I will not elaborate any further, because I do not know if she who cannot be named still has spies or not. You can email me if you are curious and I will "discuss" it offline. Suffice it to say that I am meeting a lot of very influential women in the community and I may be of future service to some of their business needs.

A personal note, I have been utilizing the recipes from Spark People and I weighed in at 171 Saturday with the personal trainer! I am six pounds shy of my goal (set by my OB/GYN). I am SO excited. I am even comfortable enough at this point to try on that two-piece bathing suit from the Tuesday Temptations with renewed confidence. I feel HOT! Simply Amazing!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. I have a post about today's knitting at a local LYS that I will get posted ASAP, but I need sleep so that I can function at work tomorrow, plus I am going to the season opener on Monday Night Football w/Adam to watch his home team of Greenbay tomorrow. Say special prayers, because I have football Monday, Comets on Tuesday and Wednesday, knitting group on Thursday, and Comets again on Friday. I know that I am too old for this schedule, but it is invigorating just the same and I am feeling more alive daily!

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