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Friday, September 19, 2008


Okay! We have finally made it to Friday! I am still hopeful that all those without power will be serviced before the weekend ends!

I wanted to share a few things this week instead of the Friday Fill-Ins. I received the most amazing thing in the mail Wednesday. Amy (deathbyyarn) sent me a care package. Inside was an envelope with a beautiful card covered with butterflies. The card was filled with four recipe cards. The recipes are all wonderful and many of the ingredients are now on the shopping list. But, Amy did more. She sent me my very first skein of Malabrigo. It is the kettle dyed pure merino wool in the Emerald colorway. I was speechless! I spent an hour on Ravelry trying to decide what to make. I still have no real clues, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE share. I keep fondling it the hopes that it will speak to me; but, alas nothing.

I also uploaded some sneak pictures of the Moroccan canopy in progress. I cannot share all of it until she that cannot be named ALLOWS me to get my things. Too much drama to discuss here! Suffice it to say that the start of the canopy has been delightful. I have a friend that is an architect that has been assisting me with the design. When it is all done, I will show more. This weekend I promise to get the FO's out in the day light and get them posted as well. I also have some after pictures that show the clean up of the complex since Ike's aftermath.

Now, I have a confession. I have made quite a few quality friends (male and female) in the last few months. Many of them are sports enthusiasts. Some of them are aware of what knitting actually is but don't know anyone other than myself that actually knits. I have worn some of my handiwork around them and they have been amazed. However, they have not seen me actually knitting. I was hoping that might change this weekend, but I have had to acquiesce to their pleas.

A few of us are heading to a place (I cannot disclose the location so that she who cannot be named does not show up and ruin my day) to watch some major college football. The first game of major importance to several of us is the University of Tennessee Volunteers versus the Florida Gators. I will admit that I am also going to be following the Ohio State game that starts at Noon EST. The other game that we will be watching closely is the LSU Tigers versus the Auburn Tigers. There are so many games in between and I will be sounding like a night club singer when we leave, but it will be worth it!

They have asked me not to bring knitting to the location because it is not really the kind of place to be seen doing that. Since I am still getting to know many of them in a more social atmosphere, I will be okay. However, once we have decided that we will be watching the games at a private house, I will have knitting in tow! Some of my best knitting takes place while I watch sports on TV!

I now have one last thought. As many of you know, I have been seeing a counselor. She posed this question to me recently and I have been pondering my answer, as I was required to think about it and reply at our next visit. Her question was simple. If, as I evolve and discover myself I find that I am not the person I was before the journey started, would I want to go back to the life I once had. If yes, why and if no, why. I am required to be specific. Such as, if yes, would she who cannot be named need to make any changes personally or will I accept her as she is. If the answer is no, what would the ultimate reason be.

So, my question to each of you is simple. Have you looked in the mirror and seen yourself warts and all? Have you been truly honest with expressing your wants and needs? Does your partner know them? I am starting to understand this exercise and it is an eye-opener. What will my answer be? Because she who cannot be named has spies, I cannot answer here. But, I am confident that I will have no regrets with any of my choices. Why? Because I have looked in that mirror and I love the warts and the stretch marks. I love my dysfunctional family and I love my children.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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Anonymous said...

I am SO happy that it arrived! I wanted to send you a little something extra, since you've had the run of it lately. :-)

For one skein of Malabrigo, I LOVE the pattern below.