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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thoughts from Thursday

Okay, I started this over my first cup of coffee this morning and have been working on it on paper all day.

I have signed up for a Cooking Around The World class with a group of friends. We got an incredibly cheap fee (Less than $10.00 each) because we got 20 people to sign up. I wish I could post details, but she that cannot be named has spies and I don't need any surprises. I will post the recipes that we learn. I am SO excited. We will be learning Moroccan, India, Thai, Turkish, and one more that I can't recall.

I have also met a personal trainer here in the apartment complex. She has agreed to help me work on getting this frame in kick ass shape in exchange for knitting her an afghan and perhaps a few pair of BMG Footies. I am so excited but a bit nervous at the same time. We are going to tackle those normal problem areas for women my age. I might even be ready for a 5K race by Spring. I would love to be ready for the next Susan Komen event. I am not looking to run a marathon yet, but some day.......just maybe.

A group of us have been discussing going to a Blues Bar or a Piano Bar to celebrate the birthdays from July through September all at one time. I have been trolling the Internet and asking the gang in the apartment for suggestions as well. The list of potential places is growing. I think that the piano bar will win out because there will be more music that will suit a larger group overall.

Finally, an old co-worker has challenged me to a Big Girl Beer Drinking contest with him. Given his heritage, I could be in a lot of trouble! First person to break the seal has to buy the next round. Let's hope my bladder and kidneys cooperate. And, he is willing to go ride on the bike trails near his house with me. There are now over 125 miles of trails in the park we want to go to. I'll keep you posted on both of these events, as I will most certainly have more fun than could be acceptable or legal.

And before I forget, I have a slew of knitting project pictures that I will try very hard to get posted this weekend and get my Ravelry page updated as well. Sunday I will be going to a LYS for Football Knitting. I am so excited. Legal counsel will be in tow, as several people from the office are knitters as well. No shop talk or case talk will be allowed! They have some baby patterns that they want to share and I am excited. I have two projects that need to be finished, so they are going with me since we will be there from Noon to 4PM.

And, before I forget, Happy Birthday to My Ex-Mother-In-Law.

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