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Sunday, October 19, 2008

We now break radio silence.....?

Yes, It has been a week since my last entry. Whoa...flash back to Catholic Confessional....

Sorry. There are a few reasons that I was MIA. I developed a nasty sinus infection and finally had to break down and get professional, medically administered drugs. Monday and Tuesday were basically duds. I just wanted to cut my head off and carry it around on a pole.

I did manage to watch the baseball playoffs. Man, what is happening to the Rays? They need to get it together Sunday! I will be rooting for the Phillies if they end up playing the Sox.....I have lit every candle I can and chanted/prayed in every language I know. I think I even made some up for luck.

I also watched some funny movies this week. I saw, "Anchorman", "The Ruins", " Hot Fuzz", "Wild Hogs". For some reason, I also watched "A Fish Called Wanda" and "Four Weddings, and a Funeral", this week. I had to watch "Anchorman" twice because it was so funny. "The Ruins" was a horror flick and I have to admit that I didn't actually finish it because it is not my genre. I am also queuing up the James Bond flicks on Comcast's On Demand....yummy, as much Sean Connery as I can stand....at my pace too!

Okay, I also went to see Greg Trooper Friday. As good as I am with words, I have very few to accurately describe how amazing this show actually was. Hands down, he is one of the best songwriters/singers I have ever had the privilege to see in person. His song, "This I'd Do", is one of the most touching songs I have ever heard. Any person in my life that could say that those lines and sincerely mean them would win my heart hands down. I think that this says it best:

"Greg Trooper writes great songs, including one of my very favorite songs in the world, Little Sister. On top of all that, there's his voice - an instrument I have coveted for 15 years." - Steve Earle

“Greg Trooper has got to be on our list of our finest contemporary songwriters.” - Billy Bragg

“Greg Trooper is a songwriter and performer who deserves about 12 times the attention he’s received. He knows how to play rock against country and folk and position the pressures of adulthood against the longing for adolescent freedom.” - Dave Marsh USA Today

Greg Trooper, "Make It Through This World" A songwriter who would describe showing love to a hard-hearted girl as being "futile as a prayer" might not be a religious man, but Trooper's songs have the ring of gospel truth. Sure, the organ and the piano testify to each other on Dream Away the Blues, and the slide guitar sways and shouts like a Pentecostal preacher, but mostly it's in the care the singer/songwriter shows for even his least desirable characters, and in the way they all strive for meaning in their loves and lives. — Brian Mansfield

The company I kept at the concert was stellar as well. I am enjoying the freedom of friends that enjoy good music and the company of friends even without imbibing. We had so much fun. The set started at 7:30 PM and they played for about an hour and a half and took a fifteen minute break. They came back and played until after 10:30 PM CST. We gave them such an encore that they came back for three more songs. We didn't leave until 11:00 PM CST. Totally worth the nominal price of the ticket.

I finally downloaded a batch of pictures from the camera as well. I will be updating Ravelry later Sunday. The streaming video should show some of what I have been up to.

Today, I met Trouble, Jack, and Sweetpea at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We went to see Dinosaur Mummy CSI: Cretaceous Science Investigation. It was a special treat for me. Before I divorced their dad, I used to take Trouble and Munchkin to the HMNS on a regular basis. Trouble was totally enthralled by the grand Dinos and I loved it. It was a special treat to see Sweetpea so smitten. He is sort-of my grandson, and I had a great time listening to what he knew about the things we saw. Jack and Trouble have been working with him and for five he is bright. I'm not sure who had the most fun.

Today was also Jack's birthday, so in our family tradition, we had what he wanted for dinner. Trouble and I fixed him steak, potatoes and green beans. I also fixed pork chops, broccoli, and a salad. It was so good to have people over and share dinner. Jack glows when he talks about Trouble and he seems so smitten. It was good to see, and Trouble looks great!

Sunday I will be looking over a contract, sending Official emails (follow ups), and catching up on football. I will also be glued to the chair for the final Rays versus Red Sox game.....knitting perhaps, depends on the game.

I may even post a late Temptations because I have a ton of stuff to enable everyone with.....beware.....

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