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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Trouble and a few other odds and ends...

First, tonight was the first game of the World Series. The Rays lost 3 to 2. Yuk. But Carl Crawford did get a home run! They play again tomorrow, and hopefully they can tie the series up.

Second, Eraser is still on her anger kick. When I got home from work yesterday, she had left me a few reminders of said anger. The vet said that I needed to keep her in her cage when I am not home so that she will get the idea that I am angry with her and that the cage is her consequence. So, today we started the cage. I came home for lunch and she was hoarse from whining all morning. She ate, drank, and used the litter box. She also gave me serious cat love. She was herded back into the cage. When I came home we repeated the drill. She did get to stay out until I had to leave for dinner with Trouble. Harder to herd this time but I think she is getting the picture. She will still have to be herded into the cage tomorrow, as the vet said it would take two or three days before she got the picture. The joys of parenthood.

Third, I was going through my stash recently and I removed all of the acrylics and other sport yarns that I purchased more than ten years ago. I am donating them to a wonderful cause:

There is going to be a knit-in at Lone Star College Montgomery on October 25. They are asking for donations of yarn and needles for residents of the Family Time Woman’s Shelter, The Door. For more info, go to http://montgomery.lonestar.edu/148804/.

So, I am dropping of a 13 gallon trash bag full of yarn at Nancy's Knits tomorrow so that TheresaKnits can pick it up on her way up there Saturday. Nancy also has some yarns to donate, so it will be a double pick up. It feels good to know that I can help with such a worthwhile cause. It also helps me get the stash organized because I think that 2009 will be a major Knit From The Stash year for me. At least that is the plan.

Finally, today we celebrated Trouble's 25th birthday. There are two pictures added to the slide show on the blog. She looked more radiant than she did on Saturday. I had a bonus. Munchkin joined us as did a large contingent of Trouble's friends from college. Most of whom I know as if they were my own kids. I also had a very special friend join us that was happy to come and meet both of the girls for the first time. In all, there were 12 of us for dinner. The rain slowed everyone arrival but did not dampen our spirits. We had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to more "adult" birthdays with both of them in the future.

Okay...off to bed or I will never get myself up and off to work....

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