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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

Wow! First, I am finally getting back to "normal" from the sensory overload. I will freely admit that the rev of a motorcycle still makes my heart beat a little faster and also makes me turn my head if I can to look for the owner of the sound.

I must admit that my fellow enabler, lanoue81, aided and abetted the purchase of this. I was pondering my decor and I decided that I needed this for entertaining, especially since I don't seem to be making any headway on getting my personal belongings yet. Not going to mention or dwell on it either. It will happen. Any who, I was shopping at a few places in the hopes that one would be both affordable and match my growing love for the espresso finish. I grew weary of the disappointments so I decided to peruse the online sites. Low and behold, the first one I found was on Amazon.com, and almost instantly upon reading the specs it was ordered. It arrived via FedEx and I had to assemble it. It should have only taken about fifteen minutes to assemble; however, George assured me that he knew how to use my cordless drill/screwdriver and Gracie assured me that she could indeed hand me the parts as I needed them. Needless to say, it took about a half hour to assemble it. It is perfect! I have added a few bottles to it already and have placed the sparse bar tools and wine glasses I have inside.

With that in mind, I have now been in search of a few bar essentials that are needed to mix my poisons. I would love to have this, and monogrammed of course, because I find that very classic. If money were no object, ha, I would love to have this, this, this, and this. Of course, since I love anything monogrammed, anything from this page would be very acceptable. Of course, anything from this page and this page is necessary for a well stocked bar as well.

Speaking of entertaining, I would love to have this because I have a wonderful recipe that I would love to make for some one special for the holidays. Not sure who yet, but then again, my dance card could fill up. Yeah, and I could win the lottery or find a magic lamp with a genie inside. Any how, I would love anything from this page as well. Something about glass serving items is so clean and classic. Although, this tray really caught my attention. And I LOVE this napkin pattern, but a solid table cloth could be a challenge. I also think that this one goes better with the Moroccan theme I have been exploring.

Now, we get to blame my little sister for this one. She mentioned an evening with her better half and this. I was instantly dreaming of a way to get this as a gift....family...hint...hint....?!

Disclaimer....while I would love to be able to shop at both stores linked in these items, I am a working gal trying to be practical. Some of the things I want I already may own, but just don't have them in my possession. Others I do not have and will be looking for them in places that fit my budget. However, that blue tray may be a need item to set off the wine bar.

Last bit of stuff:

2008 MLB Playoff Central


vs. vs.
Series tied 0-0 Series tied 0-0
Game 1: Fri. at Rays Game 1: Thurs. at Phillies
Game 2: Sat. at Rays Game 2: Fri. at Phillies
Game 3: Mon. at Red Sox Game 3: Sun. at Dodgers
Game 4: Oct. 14 at Red Sox Game 4: Mon. at Dodgers
Game 5*: Oct. 16 at Red Sox Game 5*: Oct. 15 at Dodgers
Game 6*: Oct. 18 at Rays Game 6*: Oct. 17 at Phillies
Game 7*: Oct. 19 at Rays Game 7*: Oct. 18 at Phillies
Full Red Sox-Rays coverage Full Dodgers-Phillies coverage
* -- if necessary
Sorry to all my bloggy friends, but I will be cheering LOUDLY for the Rays! Games start for the NLCS Thursday and then Friday for the ALCS I will be glued to a TV cheering for Carl Crawford and the Rays.

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Megan said...

The Rays? I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. :-)