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Monday, October 20, 2008

Manic Monday

I actually love that song by the Bangles.

Any who...., today was a weird day. After a wonderful Saturday with Trouble and Jack, I let her take George and Gracie with her. Sweetpea needed a kitten and he loved Gracie. I could not split them apart, and so both were gently packed up sent to their new home. Now, before you fret on my behalf; don't even think about it.

Trouble is a regular Dr. Dolittle and, as such, George and Gracie are in excellent hands. I had already agreed that she could have them both when she was ready. She and Jack have been working hard to get the place ready for the new family member. She had originally wanted them closer to January, but this weekend just seemed like the right time for all of us.

Sunday, Eraser was a bit lost. She checked the apartment hourly for them. She called out to them in gentle meows and when they did not appear, she came to me for love. Needless to say, I did not get alot of knitting accomplished, but I did enjoy the new bonding with Eraser. This morning was a bit better. When I got home, I made the mistake of not giving Eraser immediate attention, so she expressed her anger by promptly pooping on the kitchen floor. UUGGHH....I cleaned it all up and then lavished her with attention until she nipped at me to let me know enough was enough.

Sassy has not been affected one way of the other. She was not as attached to the kittens as Eraser and does not seem to have any adverse adjustment issues. Truth be told, she is actually probably happy that Gracie is gone because she can have my lap and my attention again.

Trouble has checked in and all is well at her end as well. Gracie has attached herself to Trouble's lap and is quite content with the new home. George has attached himself to Trouble's feet and is underfoot all the time. However, when Jack gets home and sits down, he promptly places himself behind Jack on the back of the chair like a parrot. I was also advised that George fancies himself as a painter and has been trying to show Trouble how it is done.....I can't wait to see pictures.

I also get the bonus of being able to see them when I go to their house. They can also visit me when Trouble and Jack make trips into the "Big City" for visits. I was not meant to have four feline babies at this point in my life. I was; however, meant to be in George and Gracie's lives. It will be the best of both worlds. Sweetpea has a set of kittens to love. Trouble and Jack have babies to help entertain them and I have all of them in my life as well.

So, I am resuming my life as a parent of two felines and two humans. I am going tomorrow to get the rest of the items for Trouble's birthday on Wednesday. She will be 25 at precisely 5:01 PM CST. Life is great!

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Leah said...

I love "Manic Monday." Did you know that Prince wrote it?

That sounds like a good situation for everyone involved!