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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Floating and Soaring

Happy Saturday! Just dropping by a moment to jot down some thoughts.

Yesterday I got to spend time with a very special friend. I was a bit melancholy, so we decided to go to the movies at 2:00PM in the afternoon. How random is that for a Friday? What did we see? We saw The Women. It is a remake of the 1939 version that had such famous actresses as Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. I must admit, there were some very poignant lines about love and life that made me actually cry, but for the most part it was just the escape that I needed. It is an excellent "chic flick" and I actually want to get the DVD for my collection. It will be a great movie for cold/rainy winter days.

After the movie, we went to one of our favorite places to listen to The Front Porch Society and have some wonderful brats that were cooked by St. Arnold's own James Cunningham. The brats were perfect! They had been soaked in Warsteiner beer, boiled for five minutes, and then grilled. The weather could not have been nicer for sitting outside. One of the perks for Friday happy hours at this place is buy the beer and keep the glass. We each got two beers. One of the glass styles we opted for was the .4L Pilsner glass. The second beer we opted for the .4L Party Mug. The music was wonderful. We were close enough to hear them but not so close that we were unable to have a decent conversation.

Good friends are so important. This special friend knew I needed an escape and the evening was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Today, I have been vegetating. I watched the Red River Shootout and Texas won! I have also been watching other games and will do so the remainder of the day. I am also knitting and now that I found the camera cable, I can finally download the rest of the pictures and get proof of knitting posted.

I will also be watching the Rays second game....

2008 MLB Playoff Central


vs. vs.
Red Sox lead 1-0 Phillies lead 2-0
Game 1: Red Sox 2, Rays 0 Game 1: Phillies 3, Dodgers 2
Game 2: Sat. at Rays Game 2: Phillies 8, Dodgers 5
Game 3: Mon. at Red Sox Game 3: Sun. at Dodgers
Game 4: Oct. 14 at Red Sox Game 4: Mon. at Dodgers
Game 5*: Oct. 16 at Red Sox Game 5*: Oct. 15 at Dodgers
Game 6*: Oct. 18 at Rays Game 6*: Oct. 17 at Phillies
Game 7*: Oct. 19 at Rays Game 7*: Oct. 18 at Phillies
Full Red Sox-Rays coverage Full Dodgers-Phillies coverage
* -- if necessary

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