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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

Well, we have made it to yet another Tuesday. I am rested, albeit, not fully but I will get caught up. Especially since the World Series is not scheduled to resume until Wednesday....

What has been tempting me as of late? Sweaters that I am seeing in various catalogs. I have already posted about some that I just have to consider buying because I could not make them fast enough to wear this season. But, I so think I can make a version of this. I love the length and the structure. I also love this one as well. I think that it looks SUPER easy and could be a lot of fun to make. I like this as well, but I would make some changes to the pattern/design of the sleeve.

Of course, I would love to be able to make these out of stash yarn and not the blends that they have suggested. Not that there is anything wrong with blends. I would just utilize some that are more appropriate for the climate we have here.

I also came across these. Now, I am not normally a cargo pants kind of gal, but these look so comfy and strangely feminine in a way. I'm not sure I would ever own them, but they are tempting. I also like this in the blackberry color. I'm not sure what exactly is appealing about it, but I keep looking at it and imagining what it will go with, so I must have some mental connection with it.

There a lot of sweater and blouses that I love to wear cami tops underneath. I love these because the underwire is comfortable and they look great. I like these as well, and usually wear my bra with them. Because I feel better "supported" that way. The colors are great too!

I also came across this and this when I was researching a gift idea for Munchkin. I can so see either of them as a new tattoo. yes, I have the bug again and Trouble is designing one for me...but sometimes....you need more than one new one....Thank goodness swimming weather is almost gone and I won't worry about getting them if decide to....


(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

I get that bug on occasion too...not sure what my next will be.

Miss Me said...

i have never acted on the bug. i change the colour of my hair instead... although they would look great!