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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Revisit a past F/O

Today's topic: Bring the fortune and life of a past finished project up to the present. Document the current state and use of an object you have knitted or crocheted, whether it is the hat your sister wears to school almost every day, or a pair of socks you wore until they were full of holes. Or maybe that jumper that you just didn’t like that much…

The project I will pay tribute to is the dress that I made when Megan turned two. I had purchased the Kids' Knits book when I was pregnant with her but never made any of the items. December was perfect to start a project for her. I had some Roly-Sport yarn that was so soft and the gauge was perfect.

This was the first time that I had ever attempted to modify a pattern. Historically, I am one of those knitters that makes no modifications, except for length, to a pattern, so this was a huge leap. Being incredibly anal...I pulled out the graph paper and worked up the stitches and the modifications. I also decided to make short sleeves so that Megan could wear it longer, since her birthday is Valentine's Day.

Where is the dress now? It is safe in a rubber made tough tote with other clothes that belong to Megan waiting for her first child to be born. I had once thought that she would be the first daughter to have babies, but Stephanie proved us all wrong. So, we wait for the time when Megan can lovingly take out her baby items and force her daughter to wear the stuff that I made for her.

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