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Friday, May 21, 2010

Whew, I'm glad that it is Friday!

This has been a long and strange week.  I have been busy with domestic stuff, such as: cat bathing and brushing, pool opening final stages, clearing out closets, making trips to donate and/or recycle stuff and some long over-due ironing of some winter stuff.

Eraser moments after her bath was finished

Eraser almost dry enough to begin the 2.5 hours needed to brush out all the winter coat

Sassy moments after her bath was finished

Sassy moments before her 1.5 hours of brushing

Now, if four solid hours of brushing cat hair doesn't sound like fun....really it was okay until about two hours into brushing out Eraser.  I was getting tired and hungry and she was just plain tired.  I brushed for another half hour and should have brushed her for a full three hours but when she tried to bite me I knew we both had reached the breaking point.  I wish I had thought about getting a picture of all the hair that came off both of them but I was too pooped and the trash has already been picked up.  Just to give you and idea, I filled up one entire Wal-Mart bag with hair from Eraser and a half on a separate bag for Sassy.

Now, I know I have been posting about the pool for a few weeks now.  Rightly so, as the temps here have exceeded the 90 degree mark and we are officially in Summer as far as I am concerned.  Feeling like I could conquer the world...I also brushed the pool walls, used the net to scoop palm leaves out, ran the eater, added purple stuff and added a 50 pound bag of salt.  All of this after cat grooming.  I grabbed a glass of ice water, sat down in a lawn chair and leaned back after drinking half the glass.  Guess what....I fell asleep and when I awoke, it was almost 5:00 PM and I was sunburned...my eyelids even got sunburned.  Not a really bad burn but enough to be a little hot and uncomfortable.  SF reminded me that I needed to soak in a tub of warm water with one cup of white vinegar in it.  It removes the sting and burn and actually helps with the healing process.  Gotta love old fashioned remedies.  I have been putting really good lotions with vitamin E and aloe in them on the afflicted areas and they are actually starting to transform to a tan.  So, this weekend we are officially opening the pool for ourselves and after the Memorial Day Weekend we will look at having folks over for pool parties and such.

Yesterday we also took the day off to get a few things done and to attend the Jimmy Buffett concert at this venue.  We had seats 24 and 25 in section 105.  I forgot my camera but these are a few examples of what we saw.

Jimmy performs EVERY show barefoot and in shorts and a tee shirt

Women dress as all sorts of items from his songs...Margaritas anyone?

And men dress as women
Complete with hula skirts....very impressive
...I think...or maybe after a few adult beverages they do look pretty good...

This is the bag that our tee shirts were placed in....mmmmm, Land Shark

The front of the 2010 Concert Tee

Back of same Tee

As you can see, this was a bit of sensory overload.  I have NEVER been to any concert quite like this.  These people are all about the chill factor and the fun.  I can see why SF was a member of the Parrot Head Club for so long (before she met me).....

Funny how just when you think life is done with some of the sucker punches, you get one when you least expect it.  SF and I were sitting in our seats while the opening act was performing when a couple passed in the row in front of us.  As soon as I saw them I recognized them and immediately advised SF.  She was fine when I explained that the couple was the Realtor that SWCNLBN has used for all of her home purchases since moving to Houston from NY.  I made no attempts to speak with them and they seemed oblivious to my presence.  I cannot say of either of them recognized me, and I really don't care.  I just wanted to make SF aware that the potential for some small talk did exist.

We enjoyed the concert and left art 10:45 PM, with Jimmy still performing in the encore set.  It took us one full hour to get home from The Woodlands but the ride was uneventful on a school night.  We only got 4.5 hours of sleep, so today is going to drag and I plan on getting to bed early to catch up on the lost sleep.  Even though I know that really doesn't work.

One last thing....I have been working on a stealth item for a swap....here is a sneak peak:

That's all for now!  Have a GREAT weekend!

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