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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, I promised that I had been busy getting this post together, so here goes!

We get our fair share of catalogs at Chez RubyRingz.  Some of them are due in part to the fact that one of us has ordered something from the place before.  Some, we know are due in part to the relationships other places have to ones we shop with.

One of my favorite catalogs has always been Solutions.   The stuff that you see in their catalogs and the stuff that is on the web site is sometimes just too much and other times it is the perfect answer.  Case in point.  We all know (or you should if you follow along) that my birthday is a National Holiday and that I avoid all theme related party suggestions.  However, I may have to make one teeny tiny exception this year.  I think I want this for the kitchen window.  Not too flashy and I can use it for many other holidays like Memorial Day and Flag Day.  I also saw this and almost choked on my dinner.  The possibilities are endless and I bet Zoe would love it since she can hold a hot dog bun but a hamburger bun is a little harder on her hands.

I have been on an organizing tirade as of late and I want this NOW.  I have the perfect wall in the office where it can live and with all of the CDs and DVDs that SF and I own collectively, it should be the best of all solutions.  Funny, when you begin the process to remove the yours and mine barriers, organization becomes much easier to tackle and tame.  In that vein, I would also like to get this for the bedroom seating arrangement.  It will hold the remotes and I should be able to put a basket with knitting on that bottom shelf.

Now, this is the part that just makes me scratch my head and wonder WTF.  I saw this product and  all kind of evil thoughts came to mind.  But I ended up just wanting to know who thought about this long enough to produce it and would I ever meet someone that actually bought it.  Seriously, if I lived with someone that purchased this I would need to have a serious Come To Jesus discussion with them.  I got about four pages further in the catalog only to find this one.  There is nothing else I can say about this, so I won't.  I also want to know how they can sell this, this this, this, this and this.  Seriously, how can I go from home organization and outdoor entertainment to this.....

Okay, enough of that.  I wish I had looked at the recent sales paper from Ulta before Mother's Day.  They have this and it is one of Stephanie's all time favorites.  There was also an insert discussing hair cuts that was informative and helped me refine the cut and look I am growing this mane out to become.

I know that I have an oval face and that I wanted something classic but I also need it to express confidence and a certain amount of sass.  We also get Rouge in the mail.  It is chocked full of all sorts of beauty and fashion tidbits.  After the bout with the eye infection this past November, when I couldn't wear make up for five weeks.  I was told to toss ALL of my make up and start over.  The Spring issue has an article, tidy, tally, toss that discusses the why's and when's of your beauty kit.  You can download this list to post as a reminder.

I'm not a fan of Neiman Marcus; however, I would make one exception.  I saw this Pearland Living Magazine and was totally mesmerized.  I'm not sure if I would ever utilize it for jewelry, but I think it is a beautiful modern piece.  An excellent way to balance the traditional feel of my antiques with the clean and contemporary lines that SF adores.

Knitting does actually take place around here and when new catalogs come, I immediately scan then for the sweaters.  That was no exception when the latest Eddie Bauer one showed up.  After I got past the initial urge to immediately order the Lightweight Lawn Tunic in Orchid I saw the Shawl Collar Cardigan.  I hate their site because it is impossible to link individual items but if you click on Sweaters and Cardigans you will see it and it is offered in Dark Navy, Chambray Blue, Ivory and Currant.  They want $59.50 for it and say that it is knit from a linen/cotton yarn.  You can bet that I will be scouring the Ravelry pattern pages.  I'm fairly certain that I saw this in a thread some where....  Best of all, in the catalog I finally found the summer weight cotton dresses that I have been looking for to wear with my cowboy boots.  Look out SF!  I will be ready for those Friday Night dates at the Mucky Duck on the deck!

Okay!  Enough for this week.  Let me know what you think....what you can't live without now, and what I should get first....

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