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Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Yarn

Today's topic: There’s one love that we all share: yarn. Blog about a particular yarn you have used in the past or own in your stash, or perhaps one that you covet from afar. If it is a yarn you have used you could show the project that you used it for, perhaps writing a mini ‘review’. Perhaps, instead, you pine for the feel of the almost mythical qiviut? You could explore and research the raw material and manufacturing process if you were feeling investigative.

For this one I will go to a yarn that I have always wanted to knit with. I have one skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock. It is a beautiful colorway appropriately named Midsummers Night. As soon as I received it in a swap I knew it needed a special pattern. I think that I will be transformed into a shawl or wrap very soon, as I think it may just be the piece that will help me get motivated to pick out my 30th reunion outfit.

Looking at their web site, I also want to obtain yarns from the Raven Clan colorway. They seem to call to me each and every time I visit the web site. I still haven't been able to single out a particular color, but I am getting closer.

What about your yarn weakness....pray tell...what may it be?

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