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Monday, May 10, 2010

It Must Be Monday

First, Happy Mother's Day to everyone that I left out yesterday.  Chez RubyRingz has been a little hectic as of late and I have been a little stressed, but SF has reminded me of what is important in life and I am calming down a bit.

The weekend was super jam packed with activity.  Friday was low key.  We had an early dinner at Gringo's and then home to watch our regular TV shows (Ghost Whisperer and Medium).  The house smelled yummy, as I had baked a batch of brownies just before SF got home.  They were cooling while we were at dinner....YUM!

No time to sleep in either on Saturday, as we were registered to participate in the Bikers Against Breast Cancer to benefit The Rose.  I can tell you that if you have never ridden in a fund raiser with a police escort, please find one and support them.  This was a first class ride.  I can't tell you the flood of emotions that poured out as we headed up the highway towards the Fred Hartman Bridge and all you can see in front of you is an endless column of riders, two by two, and the same behind you, all in support of raising money to find a cure to this awful disease.  SF and I rode in honor of my mom, a six year survivor, and also in memory of a few of our joint relatives that were not so fortunate.  The route was so much fun and not having to stop for traffic lights and having the freeway to ourselves was a rare treat indeed.

The riders (more than 300 bikes strong) left San Jacinto Harley-Davidson at 10:30 AM CST and we returned to the Pasadena Hooter's location around 12:30 PM CST.  The company was amazing and the food and beer were excellent (what else do you expect from Hooters?).  We saw old friends and made new ones too.  After the event wrapped up, we did a little shopping at SJHD and then agreed to accompany some of our new friends to the Starbucks in Kemha.  When we got to the Boardwalk, we agreed that we needed some food before coffee, so we ate at Landry's.  What an enjoyable afternoon.  We ended up at home at 7:30 PM CST.  Another wonderful day on the bike with good people.  We showered, fed the babies and watched a little TV to calm down and fell into bed at 10:45 PM CST after watching the Betty White "Dusty Muffin" sketch.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we had Stephanie, Jack, Zoe, Pandora and Megan over for an afternoon of cooking out and catching up.  SF made some amazing hamburgers with French Onion Dip, Garlic Powder and A1 mixed into the meat.  Stephanie made some of the best guacamole I have ever eaten and we had corn on the cob as well.  Dessert was a hodge podge of Red Velvet Cake, German Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Cream Cheese Pudding Cake.  Pandora is the new puppy and she was a doll.  I didn't get any pictures but Megan will get me some of hers.  Ms. Zoe is walking, no running, and was a hoot.  She is chattering up a storm with only a few words that we can actually decipher.  SF loved holding her and talking with her.  Zoe is totally enamored with "CC".

Special treats included a preview of a leather purse that Stephanie is making for me.  She has learned leather work and has been making things and selling them.  She has also learned how to make chain maille.  She showed me several options and I had to make some hard choices so that she could finish the purse.  It is actually a pouch for me to wear when I am on the bike.  It will attached to the belt loops of the jeans and has some specific design elements that are very special to me, including a beautiful abalone rose piece that she will be applying to the front flap.  Megan also has a piece that is still under construction that will be delivered soon.  I was just as bad, as the Calais Shawl I wanted to finish for Stephanie was not ready.  I realized that I need to see if she wanted the shawlette version like mine or the full size version as laid out in the pattern.  She wants the full blown one, so I will get cracking on it again this week and should be finished by the weekend.

So, I hope that every one's Monday gets off to a smooth start and that the week goes quickly.  I actually have a draft of Tuesday's post started, as I have been stockpiling catalogs and such and need to get them all in the recycle bin this week, so they are all duly recorded in the post....until tomorrow!


Amy said...

Those burgers sound delicious!!! Glad to hear that you had a great mothers day!

Knittymuggins said...

What a little cutie! So glad you had a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day :)


Lisa said...

Amy: they were YUMMY! I am trying to get SF to provide me with the recipe so that I can post it.

Maryanne: She is quite the princess! I love the way that she hams for the camera! Just like her mom used to do as well. I hope that you enjoyed your first Mother's Day as well!