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Monday, May 24, 2010

"...Monday, monday, can't trust that day..."

Well, it is Monday indeed.  Why is it that two days seem to blur by so much faster that the rest of the days seem to?  Perception is most likely the key to this age old question.  We tend to gear ourselves up for these two days of R&R and thus they fly by.  I guess as long as we work this will continue to be the Monday mantra.

So, Friday was a very long day working off so little sleep.  I was never so happy to get home and get into my comfy, go no where and see no one clothes.  SF had left-overs from a big lunch with co-workers, so I had left-overs too.  We settled down for our Friday night shows and had a really difficult time staying awake through "Medium".  Thankfully, we had no place to be Saturday, so we slept in.  Around here, sleeping in is 8:00 AM since we normally get up at 4:00 AM.  SF has been on a fried-egg sandwich kick and made us each one while we discussed the route for the motorcycle ride.  I normally have little input, as SF knows which routes she is more comfortable using.  Traffic in Houston and the metro are is so strange and there are places that are nor safe in a car let alone on a motorcycle.

We knew that we needed to go by two different dealerships to get the MVP membership card and then test ride a Street Glide.  She had previously tested out a Road Glide and wanted to "feel" the difference.  And, yes there is a different "feel" to each and every model.  Baggers are meant to be more comfortable for longer rides and then there are bikes for speed and others for show.  The Blue Flame is a combination of show, muscle and speed.  SF has been contemplating the fact that we may need a bagger in the future, the distant future, for longer trips, as the Blue Flame cannot really carry a load (over-night) stuff due to the fact that she was not designed to accommodate saddle bags.  Even when I do get my own, it will not have enough capacity to carry both of our gear unless it is only for one night away.  She was not pleased with the test ride.  Her overall thoughts on the bike were that it was too light and had no muscle.  She is very particular about what she wants and the Street Glide was not the answer.  Back to the test drives...

One of the other reasons for the planning of the route was to make certain that we ended up at Pappas BBQ for the all you can eat ribs at the location in The Woodlands.  It was worth the drive and a great Saturday afternoon lunch treat.  The route home was uneventful but we did make one wee tiny stop at Dairy Queen in Stafford.  I had a Raspberry Truffle Blizzard and SF had a Chocolate Covered Cherries Blizzard.  The perfect way to end a trip on the road!

We also managed to watch the San Antonio Silver Stars beat the LA Sparks.  It was great to see Chamique Holdsclaw and Michelle Snow playing with such talent.  And bonus for us, San Antonio is not that far away.  We are already discussing getting tickets and spending a weekend in San Antonio.  We really miss the Comets, especially since that is how we met in the first place.

Speaking of meeting.  Sunday, the 23rd, was the anniversary of my moving in with SF.  One year ago I left the apartment with a U-Haul loaded with all the belongings that SWCNLBN had "allowed" me to have in the apartment and started this new chapter in my life.  It has been a year of growing and learning.  We have seen so many things change for both if us and we are stronger now as a team than we were before we met.  She still doesn't always get my sense of humor and I don't always understand her moods but that is what makes each and every day new.

I also finished the Swap surprise.

I loved everything about this yarn and plan on getting some more to make my mother one.  She doesn't like wool and I think that this cotton is just the answer.  It will keep her warm on the bike behind my dad and warmer in the car when they have put the motorcycle in storage for the winter.

Okay, back to work.....is this day over yet?

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