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Friday, May 7, 2010

Calais the Night Away

So, I finally finished the Calais that I was making for myself.  I will admit, I should have used bigger needles than I did.  I used US size 4 needles.  It ended up more as a shawlette than a shawl, but here in Texas that is actually a good thing.  I guess I could have added more rows in the body (Chart A) and then more rows in the edge (Chart B), but I decided to make it as written this go-round.

I needed two cold water soaks to get her to stop bleeding color, but that was okay by me.  If I had been thinking clearly, I would have taken pictures of her soaking.  She did morph from a glob of stitches into the wrap as she laid in the bottom of the garden tub.  I rolled her in a navy towel just to be safe and them pinned her out on the guest bed to dry overnight.  I was so pleased this morning when I saw her all dry and I removed the pins.  She is soft and looks wonderful on my shoulders as well.  No, I do not do self-portraits, so unless SF catches me without the camera in my hands, chances of getting to see me wearing her are slim and none and I like it that way.  Although I might acquiesce when Stephanie is here for Mother's Day since I am making her a Calais as well.

I was trying to show off the wonderful yarn when I was taking the pictures.  I thought that the rocks that make up the waterfall and surround the landscaping of the pool were the perfect shades to offset the blue....who knows.  And I couldn't resist the fact that the Calais looked like water for the fish in the hallway.  The colors in them are almost a direct mirror of those in the yarn.  I believe that I have enough yarn left to make me a pair of BMG's Footies too, so I may cast on for them after I get some of my other WIP's finished.

I can't wait to get the perfect evening to wear her....maybe the upcoming Flamingo Party....depends on what I decide to wear.

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Amy said...

What a beautiful shawl!! I love the shade of blue - it is truly like the ocean.

And at first, I read the title of your post and thought, "Cealis? What they hell?" I guess I do need to take a nap! LOL