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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a strange day this has been. I forgot this morning to let you know that Adam's dog Sancho turned four on Tuesday. I was invited to share 'za and Blue Moon last night and I loved it. But wait, you say....Wednesday is normally when SF and I have a date. This is true. But, SF has been feeling bad all week and she wanted to get to bed and get better so we could still have the weekend.

Our relationship is so special that it pains me when she feels bad. I admonished her for not calling the doctor yet. She promised me that if she woke up this morning and did not feel any better that she would go to the doctor. I noticed around three PM this afternoon that I had missed a call at 2:41 PM. I checked the phone and it was SF. She had left me a voice mail telling me that she was on the way to the doctor because she wanted to get better and she knew it wasn't allergies and she needed medical intervention. She told me that she wanted to be able to see me for all the things that we had planned for the weekend, because she loves our time together. How can you not say aw.....

I also want to share a song. One of my co-workers went to a wedding this weekend and Lucky by Jason Mraz was the song that the newly married couple chose to use for their first dance. I listened to the song on iTunes and I'm still debating on if I like it, but I do confess that I have been reading the lyrics over a few times and I must say I can identify with them. I too believe that I am lucky to be falling in love with my best friend.

I also took a BIG step for me....I changed the address on my driver's license online today. It will be delivered to the new address within fifteen to twenty days. I took care of a few other items that have to do with the move as well. I have located a dry cleaners and that is a relief. I have also talked with SF's vet. I like them and I will have my previous vet send Sassy and Eraser's records to them by the end of May.

Speaking of Eraser....she will be getting a lion cut like this one soon. Eraser will be getting her summer "do" the same weekend that I move. According to the vet, it is the best time. I will drop her off before I start moving and Sassy will stay with her. When we are finished moving, I will pick them both up and then they will get to meet Frankie and Amber. They are SF's French Bulldogs. According to the vet, it will be easier for Sassy to adjust to the "new" Eraser and both of them to the dogs this way. I'll keep you posted.....It will be interesting to see what her before and after weight is....I will tell you that she is a BIG cat. The new vet is fairly certain that her pedigree is 90% Maine Coon and 10% American Bobtail. It will be interesting to see if her personality changes.

Okay...off to bed...tomorrow is Friday and I have to get the booth items to the Reliant Arena for the Offshore Technology Conference. I also have to look over some litigation and get some time with the attorney. After that, and hoping that SF is better, we have a date.

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Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

I hope your experience is a good one. Ruthie is adorable with her new do.