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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Tuesday Temptations, but they will be posted later today....

Tuesday....perhaps I need to create a countdown calendar. LG has one up I'm certain counting down the number of days left before her summer vacation begins. Remember, she believes that she has the hardest job in the whole world and that she deserves her vacations more than anyone else. Yeah right, .....but no more rant from me, as too much about her just gives her power she no longer deserves from me.

I actually need two calendars. One for the Bikini Body unveiling. I have been working on it but I will admit that I got a little relaxed the last two weeks. The trainer took my measurements Sunday and I was not happy. No more relaxing for me....today at lunch I will be going to Academy to get a stability ball like this. I need the ball to work harder on the mid-section (aka six-pack) area. I have been utilizing one at the Y with the trainer and I love the results. I just need one at home so I can do them here when I feel the need to do so.

I also have added my Giant back into my evening routine. Back in 2000 LG and I bought bikes to ride together. Didn't happen that much, but this past year, mine has received some overdue riding time. So much so, that I may need to have the tires looked at for tread wear. I have had her on sidewalks, city streets, crushed gravel, and every surface in between. I take her to Memorial Park and ride the trails there. I am very familiar with the park layout, as it was where I did most of my training for the Rodeo Fun Run. I also love Terry Hershey Park. It is oh so close to my office and that makes it even easier to change at work and head there before others get off work. Looking at the Park's layout, you can see why it is so much fun to get there before it gets too crowded. I also like to go early Sunday morning if I don't swim first.

The second countdown calendar would be for several combined events. May is filling up fast and I'm not sure how it all happened. There is a Flamingo Party, Cinco de Mayo, Stephen and Bobbie's wedding anniversary (11th I think...), Mother's Day (Stephanie's first one), the first anniversary of Megan's graduation from SFASU, the end of this semester for me, my sister Michelle's birthday, Memorial Day, my sister-in-law Marilyn's birthday, a day trip to Gruene with SF and the H.O.G. riders, and the final full month of my lease in the apartment.

There will be more elaboration on these events later in the week. at the moment, I am getting my Temptations post ready to start....enjoy the start of the day and make it a good one. If you can, check out Venus in the sky. I have been able to see her in the early morning when I am coming back from my workouts.

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