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Monday, April 27, 2009

In 2007 I posted this menu for a Kentucky Derby Party that I held. I was having a discussion with SF this weekend about hosting events at the house later down the road. She didn't understand, so I had to explain.

I had to explain that I am really a home body and while I do enjoy going out to see people, I much prefer having people over and letting me entertain them. I told her about the last Derby Party that we held at Chez SWCNLBN. It was fun and I really did enjoy the whole process.

She is not certain that she can handle too many people for the first one, but she has agreed that she will branch out and give it a try. Obviously, we will not be having a Derby party this year but I am already working on a pool party in August. Why so far off? A couple of reasons do actually exist.

First, May is too packed with moving and other life events. June will be a "get to know" month while I learn the house, the new city, and the new life with the dogs and such. July is already getting full with my birthday, my parents' anniversary party and the Rod Stewart concert...

Okay....off to get ready to get in the rain and head to the casa


Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

House? New City? Am I missing something? Email me, girl!

knitguyla said...

Dang, reading your blog makes me tired. You are one busy woman but you sound like you're having a blast!