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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday and another weekend comes to a close....

What a wonderful way to end a weekend....Friday was just as wonderful as Wednesday and Thursday. SF works a 9/80 program at her facility. She had Friday off, so she was rested even though she had two crowns put on (finally) that afternoon. I had no plans to meet her and was leaving work at 5:30 PM and actually planning to spend the evening doing laundry and packing some more boxes. She however had other plans. She is full of spontaneity.

She called me while I was leaving work and asked me where I was and what I had planned. I could tell she was plotting against me, so I said uncle with little or no resistance. She admonished me for working late on a Friday...but I knew she was kidding. She asked me if I was in the mood for a pint of St. Arnold's Brown Ale and some music. A short date since we had early haircuts scheduled. Of course we all know that I said yes....I'm a sucker for a good dark beer, good music, and the company of a woman that adores me. And best of all, the Duck finally had the Anniversary Guiness available! YEAH!

Did I say that out loud? Yes, I did and I am happy that I can say it. Funny how life works out when you let yourself get out of the way. We had a perfectly wonderful time. We had two beers apiece, black bean queso, and dinner while we listened to some wonderful music. Funny how time stands still when we do even the simplest of things. As a date always must, we part ways and go home alone. I am not complaining, far from it. I love the way that this relationship has grown and continues to unfold.

Saturday came faster than I would have liked, but I was able to get my workout accomplished (the trainer knew I had beer, so she was ruthless), my laundry washed/dried/folded, and my shower before SF called to tell me where to meet her. We were leery of the weather, as Friday evening Mother Nature dumped over 5" of rain on her part of town and we were headed that general direction for the haircuts. We were able to get haircuts, lunch at Souper Salad, and a trip to San Jacinto Harley. Just as we headed back to drop SF off at her truck...the rain began to drizzle. Quick goodbyes and off into the afternoon we went.

I came home and cleaned the place from top to bottom, soaked in a hot tub and knitting for a bit. I was tired and was asleep by 8:30 PM. Yes, I am old I know....but I'm okay with that. I woke up at 5:30 AM refreshed and ready to meet the day. We all know by now that means coffee for me. Two cups is the norm. I was able to get a bike ride in this morning before SF called to see if I was still game to take a ride in the country with her on the motorcycle.

Duh...let's see....ride on bike - Hell Yeah! Time with SF - Double Hell Yeah!! Beautiful Sunday in Texas - No Brainer! Of course I said yes and we agreed on a time and place to meet. Now, riding on a motorcycle with SF is not about glamour. Not with her, as safety is more important. That means that we wear jeans, appropriate footwear, tee shirt, and a helmet. I know that she is serious about this and I do not push the issue, as I want to learn from her and be prepared when I am ready to buy and ride my own.

We headed out 290 to Waller and took Farm to Market Road 2920 to Tomball. The trip that direction had the wind to our backs thus the ride was mostly uneventful. I have ridden on the back of a few bikes before, so I knew how to be a passenger. The only caveat that she has, no holding on to her. She prefers the passenger to hold on to the sissy bar or the luggage rack for every one's safety. Works for me, as I sit taller in the seat than she does and holding on to her would have been uncomfortable for a long trip. We had so much fun driving through the country. There were only a few cars on the FM roads and that let us open her up and she what she had to offer.

We stopped in Tomball and after a pit stop, we chose a scenic route back down to 290 so that we could head to Crossroads Harley Davidson. We wanted to stop there to check on my helmet and to check on the Harley Owner's Group meeting. It is slated for Sunday, May 3rd at 11:30 AM. I am also excited, because they told us that the next Heels on Wheels is slated for May 6th. The trip back into town was a bit rough, as we were riding right into the wind. I was able to shield myself a little behind SF, but not too much.

When the ride was over and we were back at my car, I was surprised at how tired I was. I had a little sun burn on my arms....not enough sun screen. I also had a chapped face, as my "loaner" helmet does not have a face shield. Good thing I have great lotions for my face and arms. We said goodbye and when I got home I shed the hot clothes and laid on the floor under the air for a little bit. Water and finally dinner were the next steps. I had a little ironing that I wanted to do and that was all.

SF checked on me to see how I was and to let me know that she had made it home safely. She wanted to make sure that I was okay after this ride, as she wants to sign us up for the Iron Butt Ride to Gruene TX. That will be a long ride (300 miles) and today we only did about 125. I think that we will be fine, but we have one more trip on the agenda between now and then. I am excited and loving the new adventure.

Okay...off to bed. This week brings the end of April. I have to go to class for a group assignment on both Tuesday and Thursday. We have a "date" on Wednesday and a concert on Friday. Saturday we have a Flamingo Party and then Sunday is the Harley Owners Group meeting. We head into May as the last month of school for me and the last month in the apartment....

Have a great Monday!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Bikes and beer ... what more can a gal ask for!