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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Water logged but drying out finally

Wow, Saturday in Houston and the surround areas was wet to say the least. This news story pretty much sums it up. The amusing part, if there is one, is that SF and I were slated to attend a Parrot Head party/Crawfish Boil. We never made it. We did try, but Mother Nature had other plans for us. We had a cooler with adult beverages and we were prepared for the event. We made it to Clear Lake/NASA (Johnson Space Center area) and the roads were totally impassible. We pulled up into a church parking lot and backed into a slot in their covered parking to sit out the deluge and let it subside from the roads.

We sat for two hours listening to music and drinking adult beverages. We had entertainment as well. We watched as a variety of vehicles attempted to negotiate the roads. Of course, many failed and had to be rescued. There were several gallant men and women in Jeeps with winches that helped pull these silly people and their ruined vehicles from the mud and water. SF has a Tacoma that is high but has not been lifted, so we knew that there was no safe way for us to negotiate the high waters.

When the rain finally gave up and SF felt it was safe enough to venture out, we did. She knew the area well enough to know which roads to avoid, so we continued on down towards the Kehma area. That is the closest area to provide demographics as to where we were headed. As we got to the main entrance of the subdivision we were going, it was totally under water and that same water was up to the middle of the first ten or so yards on either side of the road. SF knew where the back entrance was located, so we traversed the roads to that entrance and it was almost as bad. There was no way in until the water receded. Under "normal" circumstances, that could have only been a couple of hours. This was not a "normal" day. As we made it to the back entrance the thunder, lightening and rains started up again.

We called the host couple and told them that without a pontoon boat, no one was going to be able to get to them for a while. SF and I agreed to head back to our part of the city and get dinner. We decided that we wanted seafood and headed for Papadeaux's. We had raw oysters as an appetiser. I must admit, I am really happy that SF loves food as much as I do. She is much more adventurous than LG ever was and we have a lot of fun trying new things. SF ordered three pounds of Crawfish and I had the New Orleans Jazz Scallops.

After about three hours eating, drinking, and laughing we were ready to see what the city looked like. The sky was amazing. The clouds were grey and white and the sun rays poking out were so many shades of reds and blues that I was sad I did not have my camera with me. We had allowed enough time to pass that the roads for both of us to get to our respective abodes were dry enough to be traversed.

The night ended safely and I had no idea of what we had actually sat through until I watched the Weather Channel this morning and they showed pictures of many of the places that we had driven through on national television. Corny as it may sound, the hand of God must have been on our shoulders yesterday and allowed for us to make safe decisions to ensure that we had another day to do what we are slated to accomplish.

To that point, I am off in a minute to do my grocery shopping, get some much needed pet supplies for Eraser and Sassy, and drop off clothes and books at the Women's' Shelter. I also have some laundry to iron and fold from yesterday morning.

Stay dry and safe if you are in the path of the storms that we are sending East today.

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Knittymuggins said...

So sorry you didn't make it to your event, but glad that that the detour was still fun for you and SF. Sometimes unplanned "adventures" like that turn into really special memories :)