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Monday, April 6, 2009

Manic Monday

Super fast post this morning as I drink my coffee....

I am back from the YMCA and drinking my coffee. Great way to start the week! Intense cardio is great for Monday meetings!

First, I miss Jessica! The weekend was a little off kilter, as I was planning to go see her new place and spend the weekend a few hours away from home.....but work had other plans. Had to put in time, so I was unable to drive that distance and see her, the new digs, and go to The Tinsmith's Wife. I will be redeeming the rain check and making the trek out there because it will be SO worth it!

Good things did happen....the weather was fabulous and I was able to enjoy it both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, SF and I spent the day doing all kinds of things, including watching some sports at Hooters. There is just something fun about an unplanned stop to grab a cold beverage (Fat Tire) and some wings while watching sports on that many TV's. We always have fun watching sports and Hooters lets us watch so many without anyone fighting over a remote....(no fighting would really take place, as I can watch almost anything - or knit if I don't like what's on).

SF has been riding the new bike and loves it! Actually, I did try on helmets and I think that I found one that is right for me. My head is so small that I need an XS. Go figure...all that hair but a peanut head....I also tried on this shirt and LOVE it! They did not have my size, but I will be looking for it over the next couple of weeks. And loving sleeveless shirts for summer, I want this one in white. It will look great with black shorts or a black skort. Now, don't laugh, but SF wants us to get matching shirts. We agreed on this one and this one. It will be an interesting thing, as I like women's shirts and she likes men's, so I may have to have the tailor make some alterations to make it a little more fitted. A girl has to do what is needed to get that perfect fit....

I want these for the bar. I also think that I want a set of these as well. For those of you that don't recognize the skull, it is Willie G.'s skull. He is the grandson of one of the original founders of Harley-Davidson. I am not a big skull lover, but his is unique and that is the appeal. July in Ohio will be fun with all the HD riders in my family - my dad, my youngest brother and his wife, my uncle, and SF. I'm not certain if I will even see her with all the bikes on hand....OY, I'll be in the kitchen with the ladies or on the porch knitting and getting sun....no bike for me until I have the degree.

Speaking of degree, I have the appointment to have the degree audit set now. I will be meeting with the counselor (I forget the politically correct term) on Tuesday, April 14th. I am a bit nervous, but I think it will be okay regardless of the outcome.

My Clapotis is almost done and it looks great! The yarn is delightful to work with and I will have to get more to make some socks. This has been a super fast knit and I am looking forward to making several. I need to whip one up for my baby sister. She lives in NJ and works in NYC, so she is always in search of warm things for her neck....she may even get a cowl too, but we'll see. My Princess Wrap is on skein number two and looks great too. I will be finishing the Clapotis today or tomorrow and then the Princess Wrap before the end of the month. I can't wait to block the Princess Wrap and find the perfect sun dress to go with it.....perfect for a summer dinner date....

Okay gang...off to work....Opening Day for Baseball! GO Astros!

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