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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts On Thursday

WOW! So much to share! Last night I got to see and ride on the Blue Flame and SF at the Mucky Duck for dinner and a show. She was so excited because she had swapped out the stock pipes for this set. They give the bike an even deeper "throat" and gives it much more power.

The original stock pipes were too quiet and drivers in cars and trucks did not hear her. Changing out the pipes and re-tuning the engine added the power and sound that allow the bike to perform better and, more importantly to me, make it loud enough for drivers to hear. This will ensure that she is safe when she is on busy roads. That will give me a certain piece of mind about her safety when she is riding.

Yes, when the show was over, we took a little drive around the area so that I could get a feel for the bike and have SF get a feel for how she needs to ride when I am on the back. For those of you that have never been a passenger, there are "rules" that go with being a passenger. I'll go into that later, but for now it is more important that I remembered them and the ride was wonderful. SF did tell me that she was the kind of rider that does not like her passengers holding onto her waist. An occasional shoulder is okay, but the strap and the sissy bar are enough combined with using your thighs to keep you in place and safe as the passenger.

The concert was wonderful and we will try to make the next three Wednesday shows, as Patrice will not be back to the Duck until the fall due to her touring schedule. She played some old favorites with new twists, plus, she and the band played some classics. She was in a wonderful mood and made some funny comments about people talking while they were performing. She is a bold artist and the audience appreciates her for that. She even acknowledged us as we were sitting in the audience when she said that she had to play Rufus or she would never hear the end of it. The version was more "funked" up and the Congo drums and African drum additions were great.

Dinner was good too. Sometimes there is just something wonderful about an old fashioned hamburger. My trainer is not happy with me, but she will just have to deal with it. We each had two Magic Hat beers (buy the beer and keep the glass) along with our evening and food. We always have water while we eat, and this was no exception. I added bacon and avocado to mine and SF added cheese and bacon. They were served on an onion bun along with fries and a pickle spear. All in all, the meal was very much worth the lecture from the trainer!

The date also had special meaning. I have been on my journey for ten months now and starting of month eleven. It is also the start of the ninth month that SF an I have been sharing time and doing things together. The combination of the concert, dinner, and sharing the evening together was a fitting way to mark the date. I feel remarkably at peace with my self and my decisions and look forward to each day now with energy. My co-workers tell me that my mood is contagious and that makes me feel so much happier. I can thank my Big Sis for that.

Yes, I will give her full credit! She has been that voice that helps me daily. Even when I am not such a good Lil' Sis, and I don't reply to emails....I am listening and thinking about what she tells me. Floating, soaring, dancing, and crying when I need to have all helped me cope and forge ahead.

I cannot forget about any of my bloggy peeps. You all have been the best friends that I can ever imagine having in my life. You have shared, cared, and even more in this journey and I am honored and humbled by all of it. Some of you have shared recipes. Some of you have sent yarn....special thanks to each of you that did. Some of you have been here for me in person and that has been extra special!

My camera is full of knitting and crochet pictures. You will be overloaded with them after Stephanie and Zoe leave Sunday. They are spending Easter with me and I can't wait! Happy Good Friday! For those of you with the day off, enjoy! The rest of us, well, don't work too hard and enjoy the rest of the last work day. For golf enthusiasts....don't forget about the Masters....I am liking the new sensation...Rory McIlroy. I think I still want to see Tiger do well, but I am also loving the fact that I can see Greg Norman again.

Easter Bunny love to all.....

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