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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

Wow, it is Thursday already.

First, the Rocket's are tied in their playoff series but we have lost a wonderful seasoned and future hall of fame player to a terrible injury. He is slated to have surgery Monday to repair the injury but he has already stated that he will retire after 18 years as an NBA player.

Second, I hope that everyone did something special for Mother Earth yesterday for Earth Day. It is unfortunate that we need a holiday to remind us to care for this planet that we live upon. We should respect her every day. My latest cause on her behalf is a good one. I have been looking into trying to get our City Council to make apartment complexes provide and participate in recycling programs. Wish me luck but don't hold your breath.

Third, to any of you that provide administrative support, happy Administrative Professionals Week. Hopefully, those that you support have taken notice and done something for you this week. I know that I appreciate my support and I have let them know. One of my staff was so sweet, she gave me a beautiful African Violet to thank me for all that I do for her and her area. She had no way of knowing that she gave me my second most favorite flower ever. My office is the perfect place for it and I have a self-watering pot that she will look great in.

The resurrected workout has already begun to pay off again. I love what focused exercise can do for a body. I was able to wear a pants suit yesterday that I had only worn three other times before. It was the one that I purchased for Megan's graduation from high school. SF was blown away when she arrived for our Wednesday date. She kept repeating that I looked amazing in black and especially in that outfit. I admit, I had hoped for a positive reaction because I felt pretty confident about how I looked when I looked in the mirror before I left for work, but I was not really expecting her to be that taken in by the outfit. After all, she has seen me in other suits and dresses before.....during the course of the last eight months.

I have to also admit that while I was waiting for her arrival, I was chatting with some very nice men that are with some various music reviews around the state. They were there to watch the show and as soon as their posts are up, I will link them in a review. One of the men was trying his very best to get me to commit to my availability, as he saw no rings on my left hand. I eluded him by simply saying I was waiting on a very special friend. He backed off a bit but watched our interactions after her arrival. When the show was over, he introduced himself to SF and told her how lucky she was. He told her that I was charming and very attractive and that she shouldn't leave me unattended to very often. I loved her response. She thanked him for his concern for my virtue, for noticing my beauty and charm, and them without batting an eye, she told him that there was no need for her to worry about me being unattended because I know how to say, "Thanks, but no thank you" and that I am not a possession to own but a privilege to be with.

WOW! There were several folks milling about waiting to talk to SF about her bike that agreed with her and told her the same. They told the confused guy that they way she feels about me is one thing that most guys will never get and not to beat himself up about it....it was amusing.....he looked so perplexed.

Tonight we will be riding the bike to a Ladies of Harley event. It is going to be held at the Brick House Tavern and Tap. One drawback...this is VERY close to where I formerly lived with SWCNLBN. I'm not worried about her showing up unannounced, as I know that she has general disdain for bikes and bikers. I'm also fairly certain that she and her spies would not want to make a scene in such a public place. I am excited about attending. SF has added me to her H.O.G. membership. I have already received my email welcoming me to the group. We will be meeting immediately after work and then I will climb on the back of the bike and we will head there for the event. I will post about it Friday. I will have the camera with me as well and will get some pictures of the bike in all her glory.

Okay...off to work we go! Have a great Thursday!

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