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Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally Friday!

Fast post this morning...a longer one will be later today or tonight.

The event at the Brick House was AMAZING! We met at our "normal" meeting place and after a check of my helmet by SF, I climbed on and we rode to the event. We had to use major highways to get there because it was rush hour. I was amazed at how easily SF navigated the traffic and we made it there in about 25 minutes. In Houston's rush hour, that is amazing all by itself. Especially since we had to take 610 through the Galleria and 290 West to Pinemont.

We arrived early enough for the Blue Flame to get a spot that made sure she was well seen by everyone already at the Tavern and all those arriving. When we rounded the corner to pull into the parking lot, there were about 30 bikes there. A gaggle of men came right over as SF brought her to a stop to let me off so she could back her in to the chosen spot. As I was taking off my helmet, the men were so excited. They greeted both of us as if we were long lost friends and made us feel welcome. They oohed and aahed over the bike and asked a ton of technical questions....they told her that she should take the best in show for the night. We never heard the announcement but if she did win, SF will get an email letting her know.

There was officially 200 bikes at the Tavern last night. We met lawyers, doctors, CEO's, nurses, school teachers, and every other type of person in between. Of course there were more Harleys than you could shake a stick at, but there were all other varieties in between. It was like the best kind of showroom for me. I was able to ask some of the women why they made their choices. It was a wonderful teaching and learning event. It was also a blast to be among them. I felt so free and like I had found a long lost set of friends. I can also see my parents at events like this. I can see my dad meeting and greeting the riders and my mom doing the same inside.

The night went too fast, as week night dates tend to do. Sometimes I wish they wouldn't end and that is okay. I know that she feels the same and when it is time, they won't have to really ever end....

More later!


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Megan said...

Sounds like a great night!!