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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

Just a short note to remind everyone that today is the annual Dining Out For Life event. This is the link for Houston, but you can also go to the main site and find your city.

Second....I think I forgot a few birthdays....

Happy Birthday to:

John - 04/21
Bobbie - 04/21
Tom - 04/26
Uncle Chuck - 04/30
Luis - 04/30

I am working on the April KAL: Princess Lace Wrap and I had to rip back because some how I lost a stitch.....that's what I get for knitting before the second cup of coffee....The wrap is super easy and I am using some wonderful yarn and I think it will be a wonderful addition to the summer evening dates or just special dinners on the patio with SF. And, the Clapotis KAL is almost done as well. I plan on getting both of these projects finished this weekend, yeah along with all of the other things already on the calendar.

Luckily I can knit at the Harley Owners Group meeting and no one will dare say a word, especially SF. I want to finish them up before I move and I also have two Pay-It-Forward gifts that are so close to the finish stage that I need to get them off the needles too....

Okay off to work....gotta pay the bills unless I have a sugar mama volunteering.....any takers?

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