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Friday, May 1, 2009

5 Reasons Why Good Relationships Go Bad

I wanted to share this article that I read this morning. Funny, as I read the contents I was amused, as it seems that SF must be way ahead of the curve this time. She has been the factor in the relationship that has insisted that all five of these issues needed to be addressed early on in the relationship and that until we both agreed that all of them had been properly addressed and foundations laid that nothing else could or would take place.

As hard as it is to admit, Emotional Cling Wrap hit home. Both of the previous exs were very controlling and it took me a while to understand the need to develop autonomy. I am proud of the individual interests that I have gone back and cultivated. I am also proud of the cultural and charitable events I have developed. I have things now that I know I need to insist that I maintain. I am not so naive as to believe that as SF and I develop into a true couple that there will be the need for compromises, as we both need to maintain individuality as we merge into "us".

Another one that was interesting was Too Physical Too Fast. That continues to be an area that SF remains resolute in maintaining. I admit, in all of the relationships (i.e. "Dating") I can remember, I can't recall any previous person being so resolute in believing that this was necessary. As old fashioned as it sounded at first, I must admit that it has been a blessing. There has been no undo stress from having been intimate too soon and not building a friendship first.

Read it for yourself and if you are about to re-enter the dating arena, consider the advice.

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