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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughts On Thursday

Hard to believe that this week is rolling by so quickly. The last two nights I have been by the apartment and picked up almost all of the remaining contents. I have a small load for tonight and the maid will be there Friday to get the place ready for me to turn in the keys and the final walk-through.

The house is starting to settle down as well. I had told SF that it would take the cats and dogs a week to get settled and develop a routine that worked for them. Sassy has her routine in place now and the only thing she needs is the cat chair from the apartment. Eraser is just now getting her turf set. She has been lurking about and has developed a morning routine that seems to be the final pattern. She loves the dog beds and spends as much time as possible in them. She is also fond of plopping down on the tile in front of the bedroom door and keeping the dogs in or out as the case may be.

For the most part, Frankie and Amber are resigned to the fact that the cats and I are now permanent fixtures in their house and lives. They follow me around and are getting better about accepting commands from me as well. Amber is still jealous when I get more attention from SF than she does, but that will settle down too. The only hurdle that remains is the leash. Amber does not walk well with me yet and that can be a challenge when we are trying to get them accustomed to my lead so I can take them to the vet if there is an emergency.

I do have pictures on the camera. Why haven't I shared them yet? Well, I have not set up the PC's yet and I cannot locate the camera cable yet either. Hopefully I can locate the cable tonight and get the PC's set up to the network as well. I would have attempted it last night but I was late getting home and we watched the tribute to George Strait last night.

The longer commute and the newness of the living arrangements have not yet provided me with enough quality sleep, so bear with me a little longer and I will get it all together...., or so I hope. Funny, it seems so odd to be saying that I am having adjustment issues, but I am having to learn how to share a bed with someone again and get accustomed to the issues that go along with that as well. I am also having to re-learn sharing a space with another person. Hard to imagine that in one year that I would learned to love my single space so much that sharing provides new challenges.

A special thank you to AHJ for her lovely card. SF was touched by the gesture and wants to learn more about my interwebz friends....

Okay gang....back to work....have a wonderful Thursday and get ready for Friday!

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knitguyla said...

Sounds like it's going great! Don't fret, the kitties and doggies will get along just fine and if sharing a bed is your biggest dilemma, you may not complain. Be happy! J.