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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

The Friday before SF left for her audit of another facility, we ran a number of errands. One of them was to get a battery for her Swiss Army watch, much like this one. I love it when she wears it, as she looks good in burgundy.

We went to the Jared location at the Pearland Town Center, as they are authorized Swiss Army dealers. While SF dealt with the watch, I was "free" to roam about the store. I saw this and was hooked. I love Venetian glass already, so to find jewelry was a delight. The earrings were stunning and I think that I would wear any of them.

I continued my exploration of the cases....low and behold, I found pearls.....colored pearls. I am a sucker for pearls and these were beautiful. The bracelets were just as beautiful. I think that I may have to buy myself pearls for Mother's Day this year.

I saw other things that caught my attention but I noticed a sign that proudly announced that all of their gem stones are enhanced to bring out the best in each stone. That bothers me greatly. I love rubies, but I would never want one that has been altered in any way, so I made it a point to let SF know that if she ever was to purchase some thing for me, please avoid all gem stones.....

They did have this watch that I was interested in purchasing. With my mother celebrating 5 years breast cancer free, I am always looking for products that support continued research as well as survivors. I would be proud to wear this one.

I am also a proud supporter of this line as well. Speaking of HD gear, SF purchased me this Saturday at the Customer Appreciation Event. For those of you that do not ride, or do not wear helmets when you ride, you may not understand helmet hair. It is not fun.....so, we carry caps with us for when we stop and take off the helmets. SF did not like my kid-size baseball cap and thought that I should have a more appropriate one, so she has been having me try them on at each dealership we visit. Being a smart-ass, I put this on and told her that I thought it was appropriate....she was not amused but she did howl with laughter, as it made my peanut head look even funnier....then, I was not amused...

That's all for this week's edition.....because this weekend we laid low watching the Master's on Saturday while it rained and then rode the Blue Flame on Sunday, so there was little time to be sidetracked by shiny things. I am certain that this week will bring new opportunities and more finished knitting projects, so sit tight.....

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