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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Thursday...yes, looking at the calendar it is indeed Thursday. It is also Earth Day. Be good to Mother Earth, as she is the only one we have....

Not to get on a soap box today, but I wonder why we have to have a day set aside to remind us to be good to the Earth.... If we are all to be concerned, why aren't more foods packaged in containers that can be recycled? How many cottage cheese, margarine and yogurt containers are thrown out daily? Why are more products not packaged in containers with a 1 or a 2? Why aren't more things packaged in the smallest amount of space possible? Why aren't apartments required to be in recycle programs?

Don't get me wrong. I am an active participant in our community's programs. I have spent the last eleven months following behind SF making sure that she recycles as much as humanly possible. She complained at first but now checks everything and asks when she has doubts. I admit that having to take the cardboard to the center is a bit of a pain; however, I work with the neighbors and we trade off going. Curbside we can toss glass, aluminum, magazines, newspapers and containers with 1's and 2's on them into the bin.

Additionally, I use the reusable bags whenever I shop. I have one for cold foods and about a dozen for everything else. SF is the only person that brings home the plastic ones. I keep a few for the trash cans and for odd jobs like poop pick up in the back yard and then I take the rest to the store and put them in the recycle container.

Any how....enough of that....carry on with what ever part you play, as long as you actively participate in some manner.....

I neglected to mention a few special dates this month:

  • Mitzi passed away on 04/12/2006
  • Carnegie passed away on 04/12/2009
  • the girls' dad had a birthday on 04/21
  • my SIL Bobbie also had a birthday on 04/21
  • my BIL Tom will celebrate his birthday on 04/26
  • my Uncle Chuck will celebrate his birthday on 04/30
Looking ahead....this Saturday, I will be updating the hair color in preparation for pool weather. I will be getting it just a little lighter so that the sun will not fade it or make it too brassy. I want sass not brass. Weather permitting, we will also be participating in another Open House at Stubbs Harley-Davidson. Look out for next Thursday. It will be a full moon. Arbor Day is the 30th. The 136th Kentucky Derby is Saturday May 1st! I will be making a few things for SF like Mint Juleps. I can't do too much, as we have the Hou-Tex Chapter Meeting and BBQ that day.

Okay...enough rambling....back to your regularly scheduled day....tomorrow will be another installment of Friday Fill-Ins.

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