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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

Well, this entry will be full of temptations that bounce all over the place. You can thank Stephanie and Jack for the first part.

Jack knows that I love dark beers and he is always on the search/prowl for new ones for us to drink. He and Stephanie FORCED, yes forced, me to drink a Snake Bite. They prefer Young's Double Chocolate Stout over Guinness. I have no recollection of the cider that they used but I know I need to find out to be able to re-create this one.

They also provided me with this list of beers that I need to try:

I am also blaming Stephanie on my recent desire to eat these by the handful. I delivered Zoe's Easter basket and Stephanie was munching on them...Aunt Flo is on her way for a visit....and she suggested that I try them. They are wonderful and best of all, I can get them at any Wal-Mart.....

Okay, next up is swim suits. Not a topic I am thrilled about but I need some new ones since I have shed a few sizes this past year. I have always liked the variety of suits available at Land's End and this year is no exception. I have my eyes on this one for the back yard only. I prefer the Shirred Bikini Top and the Regular Bikini Bottom pieces and I think that I am going to branch out and get the Deep Lagoon Blue. As for a suit that I will be comfortable wearing around other people, I like this one in the Deep Sea Blue Uneven Squares and this one in the Blackberry. Of course, due to the dermatologist warning me about sun exposure, I need this for when I am out of the pool but not quite ready to go inside.

I am in need of new shorts as well, and I just saw these in the latest catalog. They come in a host of colors and in 7" and 5" inseams. I love the V-neck tee that they paired with them and the color choices are another bonus. And how cute are these to top is all off.

I'm still searching for summer dresses like the ones in Hope Floats, but I may have to pull out the sewing machine to make some...will be looking at patterns next to see if any exist.

Send me suggestions and if you have beer choices for me, please share them too!


Amy Darsie said...

Ok ... since my husband and I are always trying new beers, I had to stop in my tracks and comment right away!

- Dogfish IPA ... amazing!!!! Crisp - great on a hot day!

- Xingu ... a little heavy for me but still really good.

- Vanilla Porter ... I couldn't get enough!!! YUM!

- Voodoo Lager ... I'm trying to remember. I know my hubby really liked it, and that's a good sign.

Now .. I have yet to try the Oatmeal Stout, but I know where I can get some locally and that might just have to happen. I can't wait to see what you think of all that great beer.

Another couple of good ones ... Smuttynose (I love thier IPA), Abita (from New Orleans - I like the lighter beers from there,but we didn't try anything dark,) and Duvel (from Belgium I think. THIS is my all time favorite beer.)

Lisa said...

As I suspected...I knew/hoped that you and John would have some thoughts in the beer matter! I love the feedback and the Smuttynose is just to funny a name not to try! Keep 'em comin!

knitguyla said...

So what's the point of buying a bikini if you're only going to wear it in the backyard with a cover-up over it? I had no idea buying a bathing suit was so complicated. I usually just go to the nearest store and buy the one that has the least offensive pattern. ;-)

I got nothing on the beer but enjoy it!

Lisa said...

Okay...the bikini is for SF's enjoyment only...I am not ready for the "world" to see this soon to be 48 year old body again just yet....they main all have heart attacks and my CPR license is expired. The cover up is just for when I am out of the pool...the dermatologist is after my moles and is worried about cancer....uugghh

I wish it was as easy fro me to get a suit as it it you...I am truly jealous of that...and least offensive pattern...solids?