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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Well, we have made it to Thursday. The week has been a bit slow and semi-eventful, even for me. Monday, SF had a cancerous place removed in a procedure that took a little over 2.5 hours. She is recovering nicely, even though it is still a little tender and she has to be careful when sleeping.

I was remiss in not making a note of Mitzi's passing on Monday the 12th. She has been gone for 4 years now. Funny, I still find her hairs in the yarn basket where my leftovers live. I miss her at times, as she was such a sweet lady. Funny, Stephanie must have had a heart string pulling at her as well. She, Jack and Zoe adopted Pandora. Pandora is a Chocolate Lab, German Shepherd and Pit Bull mix and from the one picture that she sent me on my phone, is adorable. She is at the vet as I type this being "altered" and getting her shots. I can't wait to meet her in person.

Yesterday was odd for me. I was on my way to LA Fitness to work out when I was pulled over by a Pearland police officer. He pulled me over to tell me that the driver's side tail light was out. It was 5:15 AM CST, so I know he could see them very well at that time of the morning. No ticket, just a warning was all I received. I finished the workout, showered, dressed and headed off to my next destination. I was not more than 5 minutes away from the gym when I was pulled over again. Different officer but same warning. I was 5 minutes from getting on the freeway when I was stopped and warned yet again.....I think I got the message. I went to the first Auto Zone I could find and purchased the correct bulb.

Normally, I purchase the bulbs and do the replacement myself; however, yesterday I decided to let the female helplessness allow the eager worker the opportunity to be the knight in shining armor. Much to his dismay, the light housing was sealed with a grommet. I had to carefully traverse the roads to get to the closest Dodge dealership. I saw an employee outside and asked him about the light. He quickly advised that if I would let him finish his break, he would fix it for me free of charge. He went on to explain that if I requested service, it would be a minimum charge of $46.95 plus applicable taxes. I waited and he fixed it. He would not accept anything from me and even wrote down the part number so that I can purchase the tool for myself.

I have been quietly working away on Stephanie's footies and should have them finished today. I also have a Pay-It-Forward gift that should be finished by the end of this weekend and ready to get off in the mail. I also have a few more things to get for my All Things Local Swap and that package will be off on the way to my secret spoilee. I have also been looking over the patterns on Ravelry. I have some beautiful sock yarn that I have now decided should become something like a shawl or a cardigan. I'll let you know what it decides to become....

The rest of the week should be just as mellow. SF has this Friday off and with the chance of rain, will most likely clean the Blue Flame in time for Saturday's events. I will be making brownies and cookies for a bake sale at San Jacinto Harley-Davidson. We will be enjoying the open house with beer and bugs (crawfish). Sunday, she will be headed up to spend the evening at a hotel in preparation for a training class Monday through Wednesday, so I will have the house to myself again for 3 nights.....

Unitl tomorrow for Friday Fill-Ins...have a great afternoon!

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