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Monday, April 19, 2010

It Must Be Monday

I never like to believe that Monday is a bad day. I have always believed that if I started the week off negative then the whole week could end up that way, so I have always set out to have Monday be a positive day.

Well, today it just didn't all work out according to my plans. That is okay but it makes the recover process a little harder. For starters, storms rolled through last night and woke me up. I hate thunder and lightening and normally I just snuggle up to SF and once I smell her familiar scents I can go back to sleep. Well, since she is out of town for the next two nights, I didn't have my safety net. The rest of the night was restless and left me feeling like I had run the half marathon in my sleep.

My workout was sluggish and even my normal cup of morning coffee did not help. Not to mention the fact that we had rain most of the day....rain is only good for a select few things: watching old movies in bed, knitting while listening to jazz, or just an old fashioned romp in the hay with that special person. That's about all I ever want to do on rainy days, so working is not high on that list.

I have already heard from SF this evening, between today's training session and tonight's mandatory team dinner. She slept just as poorly because she misses sharing the bed with me too. I know....sappy and mushy but very true. Once you are accustomed to sleeping with someone it gets hard to sleep alone. She said that the storms that came though here hit her location around 8:00 PM last night and they were terrible. She knew that I would be restless but, in the end it will be okay.

I borrowed The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook a few weeks ago from the local library and I am in love with it! I have added it to the growing list of must haves for the house. I love salmon and the recipe for Steamed Ginger Salmon and Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce was AMAZING! I can experiment while SF is out of town and have a few new tricks for the rest of the week. There is an entire chapter on desserts....rice pudding, poached dried figs in spiced red wine, and poached pears with Grand Marnier custard sauce.....pardon me while I dab away the drool.

Tonight I'll watch a little of Dancing With The Stars and get to bed early. I need the sleep. I started a new workout circuit this morning and tomorrow is heavy on the shoulders and pecs. I am trying to build some much needed definition and tone up the pecs.

The list for tomorrow has grown today and I hope to be back in my regular form....

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