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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Great Knitter

Today's topic is to write about a knitter whose work I enjoy. Not an easy task I tell you. There are several that jump instantly to mind, Like Elizabeth Zimmermann, Norah Gaughan and the Yarn Harlot herself. But there are two knitters that I have grown very fond of over the last three years and so I will have to do a double shout out.

The first is Knittymuggins. She can be found here. I will tell you that I fell in love with her as soon as I started reading her blog. She has a wonderful husband and now has added a wee little son. What is so special about her? Maryanne has a heart of gold. I have wept and laughed with her posts. She knits from the heart and her Warm Woolies involvement was a testament to her love of knitting and that need to help one's fellow man/woman/child. She continues to be an inspiration to me even now, as she enters the next phase of her life as the mother of the wee little one.

The second is DeathByYarn. She can be found here. Amy has been the best friend I could ever have, even though we have not officially ever met in person. From day one I felt connected to this new knitter. I loved her enthusiasm and zest to learn about this wonderful craft we call knitting. Her daily life as a CNA, a Civil War Re-enactress (is that really a word?) and married to a wonderful man that makes his own beer and doesn't mind her yarn addiction. She was my shoulder when I was going through the end of the last relationship, the start of my new life and the beginning of the new relationship with SF. She sent me recipes and a wonderful welcome to the new house/birthday present last year. She reminds me why I begged my Aunts to share this craft with me in the first place.

So, these are my two great knitters bundled neatly in this Wednesday Feature. Who is your great knitter?


Knittymuggins said...

Oh my goodness! I am so very truly touched and honored by this post and your kind words. Thank you so much! You have totally made my day. And just so you know - you inspire me too :) I'll write more soon....

Thank you again for being so wonderful!


Amy Darsie said...

Ok - you are gonna get me all verklepmt over here! Thank you so much for those sweet words. You are a wonderful friend and one day I'm going to get my ass to Texas!

Like Maryanne said above, you inspire me as well. I'm constantly in awe of the sheer amount of willpower and determination you have. I love to hear about the marathons and runs that you do, hoping to one day aspire to that myself!